Button Down Tunic

Happy Monday everyone! If I wasn’t sure, I definitely am aware after this weekend…fall is here! And in typical Indiana fashion Saturday started off decent, went to chilly, and then hit downright nasty in about a three hour time-span. I know because I was braving Mother Nature’s mood swing while sitting outside at a football game. Me at the start of the game, “It’s actually turning out to be a pretty nice day.” Me at the end of the football game, “Give me a hot bath, a hot chocolate and some slipper socks!”

On a better note, I’m so excited to share the below outfit with all of you because I’m wearing…drum roll please…a button down! I know to most of you, that’s probably pretty anti-climactic, however, I have SUCH trouble finding one that can ever fit me properly…if I get one to fit my bust, it hangs everywhere else. When I find one that fits everywhere else, it’s quite the stretch (pun intended) to get it to fit through the chest. So I take the easier route…I choose not to wear them. But when I saw this tunic-version over the summer in Old Navy I thought it was so super-cute. I pulled the typical woman-shopping card and debated, walked around, came back to which I debated some more, walked around came back and then FINALLY decided to try it on. The tunic-style was a perfect fit…bra hidden and fitting properly everywhere else. Thanks Old Navy…first button-down I’ve worn in years…no, seriously…years!

Find it hard to find a button down shirt? This tunic style option from Old Navy is a perfect option with a relaxed fit through the chest.

Casually mix a variety of metals in your jewelry for a chic modern look.

Take a casual look from day to night by changing our your flats for black stilettos

A traditional bag is instantly on-trend with the addition of metal accents such as grommets or studs.

An easy fall outfit includes skinny jeans, tunic and boots or heels.

Make an outfit pop with a unique shaped necklace or other jewelry.

Get the Look:

Old Navy Top, Try ThisOld Navy Skinny Jeans │ Simply Vera Vera Wang Heels, Try These │ Watch, c/o Rakani │ Necklace, SimilarTwisted Silver Ring Knot Ring │ Vintage Bracelet, Try This │ Zambos & Siega Bag, Try This


Happy Monday loves – have an amazing week!