Vintage Express

Happy Labor Day everyone! Know what I DIDN’T do today?? Wake up to an alarm!!! Usually, even on weekends, I end up setting my alarm for fear I might waste the day away, but today, that definitely didn’t happen. Apparently, aside from my alarm, I was also oblivious to the fact that football season started, lol. My timelines definitely made me aware of the fact that touchdowns were thrown, lightning delayed and pizza was consumed. I’ve just never been that excited about football.

One thing I was excited about, however, was to feature this romper/skort in my weekly outfit post. It’s not new…actually it’s one of the oldest pieces in my closet. It’s from Express…wow, can items now be considered vintage if they were purchased at Express??? It was actually the “dress” I bought for my college graduation…not very traditional, but I didn’t even want to walk in my college graduation (I find those kinds of things so incredibly boring…and yes, even my own), but my mom guilted me into it. I can still hear her saying, “I didn’t get to see your brother’s walk in their college graduations, I am watching one of my children graduate.” I told her each of our diplomas were created equal, but she wasn’t having it. And in case you’re wondering…the only things I remember about the ceremony is that it was hot, I was bored to tears and that I loved my dress. It was also what I chose to wear to my cousin’s wedding we (mom, dad and grandma) road-tripped to Colorado for two weeks later. It was in a clear garment bag and as we loaded up the car my dad let me know he grabbed my bag and “bathing suit.” I was like, dad, that’s not a bathing suit, it’s what I’m wearing to the wedding. He just shook his head and let out a, “whatever,” as he laid it in the trunk.

That’s honestly the last time I remember wearing it…and that was years and years ago. Two winters ago (Polar Vortex ring a bell anyone?), was also the year I gained a bit of weight. Ugh. And although I stopped gaining, I never really took off what I put on…until this spring and summer when I made a goal: my last summer outfit post, would be in this outfit. I’m beyond excited that I made it, and although I’m quite certain it’s no longer available at Express, lol, I’ve found a cute fall romper I’ve linked below that I have no doubt you’ll love:)

Cute summer and fall romper to wear with a denim jacket.

Short Legs, no problem! Wear a nude heel to help visually lengthen your legs!

Did you know bright accessories with an already colorful outfit totally coordinate. Sometimes, its perfectly fine to skip your neautral handbag for one that offers a little more pop!

A cute red romper or jumpsuit will be a perfect addition to your fall and winter wardrobes. Pair it with booths or heels for a super chic Hollywood-esque look!

About half the time I completely skip a watch and layer on bracelets. I adore the look of layered bracelets, cuffs and other wrist wear.

Can't figure out what to wear on a date or other dressy event? Grab a romper or jumper, your favorite heels and clutch and go!

Try these Pieces for Fall:

Jumpsuit (H&M and SO cute!)│ Shoes (Steve Madden at DSW) │ Wrap Bracelet, c/o WilliamyClutchSimilar Twisted Silver Bracelet


Hope you guys had an amazing weekend…although we’re in the midst of one of the hottest weeks of summer, apparently by the end of the week, it will definitely feel like fall with highs just in the mid-high 60’s. Ugh. What happened to mid-70’s? You have to love the Midwest!