You Need these Pieces for your Next Workout!

Happy weekend loves! I can’t believe how busy I’ve been lately…all good stuff goin’ down but OMGoodness, I feel like I need a break! When life cuts into my running schedule, I know it’s too crazy, which is exactly what’s been happening this past week. Thankfully, I found my groove today with 4.5 glorious miles of me and a lil’ sidewalk action. It. Felt. Ahhhmazing. Also amazing, these super cute workout options below. Honestly, the clothing options, I’d probably use just for running errands and things as, well, it’s all too cute to sweat in, lol. Or maybe I’d just buy two of each…a set just to be sporty in, and a set to actually do sports in. If only I could find that evasive money tree:)

Just because a lady sweats a little when working out doesn't mean she still can't look like her fashionable sense. These cute women's workout wear options and workout accessories are perfect for the gym, field or while pounding the pavement during a nice log run.

Get the Look:

Motivational Women’s TankMesh Cutout PantsWorkout TowelSigg Water BottleGlitter HeadbandReptilian Nikes


Kiss, kiss ladies, thanks for reading♥♥♥