Casual Chic in Fall

You know sometimes when I have to be casual (or when it’s appropriate to be casual), I have no idea how to do it. None. I look in my closet and hear crickets chirping and see nothing…or, what appears to be nothing. I think it’s because I go from ultra-casual (I work from home), to a little more put-together for practice (I coach college cheer and dance teams) or, have something which requires more dressed up garb…I typically have no reason for casual-chic from day-to-day and it sometimes escapes me. Unless you count pajama pants or running gear, in which case I totally have that down. BUT, if you’re talking random Saturday afternoon out for dessert with friends, well, then yeah, I get kind of lost. SO, my new fall’s resolution (I do occasionally come up with resolutions that just can’t wait until January:) ), is to have a few casual looks on standby, ready to go on a whim…or for random coffee talk.

I’ve always been a fan of jeans and tees, but admit, I usually dress them up – skinny jeans, a tee, heels, loads of jewelry and maybe a blazer and bam, dressed up jeans and a tee. BUT, of course, these two are a breeze to wear casually…duh Laura. Why exactly have I struggled with this concept? Needless to say, this particular pair of skinnies and my favorite white tee (which I inevitably spilled coffee on during the shoot) worked perfect with my favorite retro Nike’s and a super soft navy cardigan. Of course, I have to keep everything very me, and “me” loves a little bling, hence, this amazing 2-in-1 Compound Necklace from Mirina Collections. OMGoodness…I love!!! It’s actually two necklaces that can be worn together as I’ve chosen to do, or separate. And it’s obviously super easy to wear when you’re all decked out as well. But, I happen to love the juxtaposition of ultra-casual Nike’s with some statement jewels. Agree? Regardless, you ladies have to check out Mirina Collections…the entire line is handmade in Miami and whether you love statement pieces or options offering a little more subtle edge, there’s something for everyone. Plus, use code 247style20 to score yourself 20% off your entire order. Yay you!

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Get the Look:

Jeans, SimilarTee │ Shoes, Similar Here or HereCardigan │ Bag, Similar Here or Here │ Necklace, c/o Mirina Collections (remember code 247style20 for 20% off) │ Fitbit │ Lip Shade: c/o Kismet Cosmetics Semi-Matte Lipstick in Vino


Hope your weeks are starting crazy good! What are your favorite casual-chic outfits?