Protect your Phones with intelliGLASS!

Have you guys seen that commercial where a “random” panel is asked to give up their phones and one-by-one each device is put through a chipper? Oh. My. Goodness. I get anxiety at just the thought of it! We LOVE our phones and devices don’t we? I mean, how many of us feel a little lost if we leave home without them? In that situation, how many of us turn around to go grab them? I totally do! It’s equally stressful to drop your device. It’s like slow motion isn’t it? We see it falling through the air, we know what it’s about to hit, and we say a quick prayer, “please be ok!” LOL, but, I’m so serious! It just happened to me not too long ago, I tripped when running and knew my phone wasn’t going to make it:( Fortunately, I was due for an upgrade, but most of the time, we’re not that lucky. Which brings me to my point: we need to protect our phones!

All of that said, I jumped at the chance to try an intelliGLASS HD Screen Protector for my Samsung Galaxy S6. The thin case is actually made with real glass, making it strong all while being scratch resistant and defending your beloved phone against bumps and knocks and maybe even the occasional drop while running (oops!). It also comes equipped with an oleophobic coating, meaning fingerprints and smudges are now a thing of the past. And, of course, it’s super easy to install. Ok, so truth be told, since installing, I haven’t purposefully bumped, knocked or dropped my precious S6. But I am thankful for the assurance that life might be easier in the event any of those things happen. Annnd…I can definitely attest to the “easy to install” part as well as being smudge resistant. I was seriously dragging my finger every which way, trying to get it a little dirty. Nada. And the glass doesn’t affect the touch screen’s accuracy at all (well, the website says it’s 99.9% accurate…I haven’t noticed any faulty commands thus far however).

Manufactured by intelliARMOUR, intelliGLASS is of course made for all of the most popular smart phones and tablets, including the Samsung Galaxy series as well as iPhones/iPads. All of the screens are super-affordable as well. While price of course depends on size, they come in under $20 for your larger screens and most phone intellGLASS screens are just $12.95 right now.

So there you go my loves. Protect your phones now, thank yourself later (you know you totally will)!

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Hope you all are enjoying the weather we’ve had so far this week – so beautiful here in Northwest Indiana!



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