Say Goodbye to Tragic Winter Skin with DERMAFLASH

Hey pretties, hope your weekends have been great


.  So, lets talk December. It’s gotten cold…real cold. It’s been windy…a horrible hair kind of wind that makes your hair all crazy and eyes water. And the air, as is typical of winter, is dry. While these conditions might not seem so troublesome if your only winter task is to lounge inside with a cup of hot chocolate watchig Netflix, they couldn’t be worse for skin, at least if you actually have to navigate through the great outdoors. It shouldn’t be a suprise, I HATE how winter makes my skin look. H-A-T-E. Its dry and dull and it sometimes seems like I could slather on an entire bottle of moisturizer and it would have zero affect.

So with my skin starting to need its annual winter boost, it seems like there could be no better time to try the new

DERMAFLASH Facial Exfoliating Device

, available now at and in stores beginning January 4th. After washing with their Prep cleanser, the Edge Device uses a gentle vibration to painlessly and discreetly sweep away skin imperfections, dullness and peach fuzz. Dead skin cells, debris and fine hairs will be a meer memory leaving skin smooth, vibrant and even younger looking! In just 10 minutes or less each week, any woman can have smooth, flawless looking skin, all from the comfort of her own home. DERMAFLASH, complete with all of the essentials (Facial Exfoliating Device, 6 Exfoliating Edges, .8 oz Prep, .8 oz Soothe), retails for $189. And you guys, this is so easy to use! I was afraid that after using, any peach fuzz removed would come back as stubble. It doesn’t. My face was honestly just smooth and radiant – like summer skin in winter!

Women's At Home Exfoliating Deivice
How to get radiant skin in winter

As I mentioned, above DERMAFLASH is available now at

or in-stores January 4th! Enjoy the rest of your weekend!!


**Thank you to DERMAFLASH for providing a sample. Opinions my own.