Winter Layers – All Day Every Day

Have you ever woken up to your alarm, thinking, “TGIF,” only to realize it’s actually Tuesday? I’m actually ok, with it ONLY being Tuesday, but there’s something about knowing I have a day or two to relax a little bit from work, practices, traveling, etc.

Anyways, don’t you all just LOVE layering?  One of my very favorite things about winter dressing are all of the layers I can pile on. And pile it on I do, usually until it stops working (meaning, until I start to look like a version of the Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man). I love the outfit below because for as much as I’m wearing, it’s still perfectly comfy and nice and warm on cold winter days. In other words, it’s winter perfection:)

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Get the Look:

Dress, Similar Here or Here│ Tights, Kohls │ Jacket, Similar Here or Here │ Boots, Similar Here or Here│ Corduroy Bag, c/o Jumeau, SimilarHere or Here │ Scarf, c/o 144 Stitches

Hope your weeks are starting off great and your layers are warm and cozy:)