January Beauty Box 5 Review: Ev’rythang Done

Ok, so in case you’ve forgotten how much so…I LOVE Beauty Box 5. Like, true love. And I was so excited to get this month’s box because winter has set in. And for those of you who haven’t experienced winter in northern Indiana, trust me when I tell you, we need all the pick-me-ups we can get this time of year. This box was even better than normal because those little sweethearts at BB5 gave us all 6 special somethings versus the regular 5. They knew. And their winter-game is on-point, see the goodies below:

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Bodipure Keratin Gloves (Full Size, $5): I can’t wait to slip my hands into these gems. In winter, I have to put lotion on after every time I wash my hands, or wash dishes, or come in from the cold, or when I wake up, or after I fold clothes…you get the picture. From my skin to my nails, my hands are going to soak this right up!

Nails, INC Nail Polish in Sloane Mews (Full Size, $9.99): Such a pretty color! Assorted colors were given, but I’m totally diggin’ this deep purple shade. Absolutely perfect for winter!

Scratch Custom Accent Nail Wraps (Full Size, $6): Ahhhhh, ok, I am so infatuated with these. I can’t do my nails anymore without an accent nail so these metallic nail-pasties are right up my alley. #Perfection

Novex Bamboo Sprout Deep Codnditioning Treatment (Deluxe Sample, $1 or $14.99 for full size): My skin might get the most dehydrated come winter time, but my hair isn’t that far behind. This Deep Conditioner nourishes from root to tip helping to renew the strength of dry and damaged hair.

Not Your Mother’s Haircare Plump for Joy (Deluxe Sample, $3 or $7 for full size): I LITERALLY just wrote up a little something in my weekly newsletter about Not Your Mother’s She’s a Tease Volumizing Hairspray because it might be the best thing ever. You now how good pizza is? Same level, different genre. If this is half as good as that, I’ll be a happy girl.

Salon Grafix Freezing Hair Spray (Deluxe Sample, $2.99 or $6.99 for full size): Unless I’m wearing a hat, I’ve had to give up the notion that my hair “might” hold up in winter-wind. Maybe it’s just my optimistic attitude, but I feel like it has a shot with this max-hold hairspray. Wish me luck:)

The total value of the January Beauty Box 5 was $27.98 for a savings of between $15.98 and $19.73!

New members can easily sign up for Beauty Box 5 three different ways:

  1. By the Month – $12/Box
  2. By the Quarter – $30/3 Boxes ($10/Box)
  3. By the Year – $99/12 Boxes ($8.25/Box)

Stay warm loves!


**I’m so fortunate to be a Beauty Contributor for Beauty Box 5 and as such, did receive a complimentary January Beauty Box 5 to review. Opinions my own.