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Happy Thursday everyone…yay for (almost) the weekend!

I’m so excited to share this product review with all of you today because, well, it’s game changing:) That’s right…Game. Changing. Do you ever feel like your slathering on about a million and one creams and things at bedtime? One for wrinkles, one to brighten, one for blemishes…getting ready for bed really can take longer than getting ready for life, lol. Enter Lumixyl Trifecting Night Cream to handle all of your skin emergencies, all at the same time. Full of ingredients like Retinol, Decapeptide-12 and Bisabolol, skin is left smoother, pores are unclogged, skin is brighter and dark spots fade away.

Lumixyl Night Cream Review

Even using every other night as instructed, I was a little apprehensive to try Lumixyl because I know how drying retinol can be…and it is January after all. My skin is already dry! I was happily surprised however, when I didn’t notice any extra drying (I did apply my regular moisturizer after I let this soak in). I’ve now been using for nearly 2 weeks and my skin isn’t dry or flaking, BUT, it is showing a more clear complexion and smoother overall appearance.

Regularly priced at $135, Lumixyl and Lovely Skin have shared a 25% discount for my readers through February 18th…yay! Use this link (or the link above) and savings are automatically applied to make your shopping experience that much easier:)

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