This Week on Instagram

Sooooo…I hate to admit this, but I caved. I couldn’t get my butt out in the cold weather again to shoot for a style post. I know, major wimp. And I don’t really like how my pictures turn out when I’m indoors. It’s something I need to work on. So since there is obviously no new style post, I thought instead I would share this past week’s Instagram posts. Instgram is by far my favorite social media tool and even though I don’t post pictures daily, I’m still on it all. the. time.  Hope you guys had great weekends – yay for some downtime!

Bling Dish for Jewelry
Cute Jacket for Winter
Winter Snow Boots for Women
Sequin Bow Sweater

Stay warm this week loves! And if you’re not already, you can follow my instgram account at Laura_Yoder:)