Accessorize on Chilly Days with these Fingerless Gloves

Who else has been over-the-moon excited for this season’s winter weather? I’ve been in heaven! Although it’s been chilly, it has been a far cry from the past two winters we’ve had – where I had to bundle up so much I kinda felt most days like the Sta-Puff Marshmallow man. Big coats, a minimum of two pair of socks and gloves under mittens were all the norm. This winter, I’ve been able to have a little bit more fun with my cold-weather accessories, including these ADORABLE fingerless gloves from FuzzyGreen. The dark gray hue coordinates with all of my outerwear and yes, I do love having access to my phone whether I’m walking around running errands or being impatient at a stoplight in my car. Available in 7 great shades, my cable knit tech-accessible faux fur pair are under $5!

Cute fingerless gloves for winter
How to Accessorize in Winter

Enjoy your week babes!


**Gloves provided for review purposes. Opinions my own.