Tees Made to Perfection (Seriously, they're Perfect)!

Here we are already, the start of a brand spankin' new week! In the days ahead (aside from "real" work", I plan on playing major catch up (is that possible?), 2 more blog posts, attending a fun event in Chicago and hopefully a few nice runs in some warm sunshine. If I'm able to accomplish it all, it will be nothing short of perfect.

Speaking of perfect (nice tie-in, huh???), OMGoodness you guys, I am swooning over my new custom tee I received from Hub92 Prints. It's the cutest, right!?! Sticking with my 2016 theme, "Oh but darling, what if you fly?," it's printed on a super soft Pima Cotton V-Neck. 

I'm so infatuated with statement tees, and Hub92 makes is so easy to design your own garments - besides tees, they also have slouchy sweatshirts, hoodies, tanks, leggings and more. Select your design, use their nifty design tool (or import a pic/graphic) and bam! A statement tee unlike any other, with your very own statement, anthem or power-word.

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Get the Look:

Tee, c/o Hub92 Prints │ Watch, c/o Rakani │ Lipstick, c/o Kismet, color: Wildflower

And for other similar pieces:

Is there anything better than chic jeans and a tee? Pair the pieces with hi-tops and you'll be golden! What's your ideal custom tee look like? Tell me in the comments below, then check out Hub92!


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