Introducing Fitness Friday!

Happiest of Fridays loves! 

I am so excited for today's post, and future Friday posts, as I am starting a new series: Fitness Friday. Each Friday, you can expect to find updates on my fitness life, tips, cute workout gear, motivation for a workout you just don't want to do and other health and fitness related topics.

I decided to start this series because a) it's spring and spring is always the time when I feel like doing something new, and b) because it's spring, it is officially time to get my butt back in shape. I wouldn't say I am a complete slug during the winter, BUT, I probably (definitely) have slug-like tendencies during the colder months:) And I always notice them right about now...jeans are fitting tighter, my tone isn't quite as toned, etc. I thought maybe sharing my goals with you all would help keep me motivated and give a little more accountability. 

Goal #1: Lose the 5-10 pounds I've gained this winter season.
Goal #2: 6-Pack abs - I'll settle for a strong 4-pack:)

While I'm not quite bold enough to share any before/after bikini or sports bra pics, lol, I DO plan on letting you know how much weight I've lost, inches lost, etc. 

Let's Connect! OK, so, who has a Fitbit??? I LOVE mine (see below) and there is nothing like a friendly little competition with myself to get me motivated to do a little more. If you have one and want to connect you can find me on that app with my name: Laura Yoder, or, my email address, I would LOVE to start some challenges with you all:)

Did you know Fitbit has it's very own workout app? It's called FITSTAR and OMG you all! I love it!!! You do not have to have a Fitbit to use the app, so if you're looking to mix up your workouts a bit, give this a try. While I love running, this definitely works different areas of my body that have been a wee bit neglected the past few months. Since I'm a fair-weather runner (literally...I only run in the fair weather), I'm glad I've found something I can do from home in the event of rain, snow, crazy humidity, etc.

We know we should workout because it's good for us, but I am such a sucker for the cute gear. Look at the gems I've found below:

Cute Workout Gear

1. S'well Gem Collection Stainless Steel Water Bottle in Pink Diamond, $42: Is this not the cutest water bottle you've ever seen? Seriously!
2. Fitbit Alta Gold Wireless Activity Tracker, $149.99: I traded in my old Fitbit for this one around Christmas time, because, wellll, it's really cute:) BUT, it coordinates easily with most of my outfits so I can wear it all the live-long-day (and night).
3. Tek Gear DRY TEK Graphic Tank, currently on sale for $7.99: Coffee and cardio...two of my favorite things in life, so of course, this is a must-have! Plus, through April 12th, use code SPRINGSAVE and your end price is just $6.79!!!
4. Alo High Waist Moto Legging, $114: Ok, ok, these are super pricey, I know that. But, I am infatuated with them! While I might not wear them for an everyday run, I would definitely rock them during walks with friends, frisbee in the park and casual weekend brunches.
5. Gaim Radiance Sports Bra, currently on sale for $22.99: I love this space dye effect - the perfect peek-a-boo under a cute top. And just like the tank above, use code SPRINGSAVE through April 12th and this bra is only $19.54!
6. Adidas Alphabounce EM, $110: I am having such an Adidas moment right now and I L-O-V-E LOVE these beauties!!! So chic:)
7. Vera Bradley Luggage Compact Sport Bag, $98: This is such a cute bag - whether for travel or to carry to the gym, I could see myself getting SO much use out of this!

Have a great weekend everyone - tell me below what some of your fitness goals are for the spring season!