All About OTS Tops this Summer

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One trend I cannot get enough of is bare shoulders...I don't care if it's OTS or cold...just gimme all the naked shoulders. I found this cute off-the-shoulder striped top at Marshall's recently when I was looking for a mirror, because, well, Marshall's has this sick obsession with making me purchase things I don't really need or wasn't really looking for. Thanks Marshall's. 

Off Shoulder Tops

While I couldn't find this exact one, I did find this striped cutie from Kohl's for under $25. The ruffle is an added bonus:)

Off shoulder blouse
Off the shoulder shirts

This top was the PERFECT companion to my cute lil' parakeet earrings that I happened upon last summer. If you're a fan of a bold bird earring, check out these Betsy Johnson options herehere and here. Betsy Johnson clearly has a thing for birds as well.

off the shoulder tops
Blue off the shoulder top

One of the most difficult things about wearing off the shoulder tops, and summer tops in general, is finding the right bra to wear. I hate strapless bras because they never stay where I want them to and I end up looking like I need to visit the doctors on Botched. BUT, I did just order a Perfect Sculpt Bra. Have any of you tried it yet? I've read A LOT of great press recently so I'm hoping it lives up to my expectations. Those basically include not making me look like I have 4 boobs. Fingers crossed.

Shoulderless tops
striped off the shoulder top

So if you all are like LOVE a good deal and below, I'm linking to nine super cute OTS tops, all under $25! Also if you're like me, you're currently contemplating purchasing each one:) Happy Sunday loves!!