Five Ways to Vacation on the Fly and Cheap this Summer

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Can you believe we're to June already??? May and June are my two favorite months of the year and so far, they've not disappointed. 

I'm not sure why, but for me, there is really nothing like a summer getaway. BUT, if you only have a few days you can actually get away, or your budget doesn't allow for anything lavish, did you realize you can still travel with the best of them? Ok, maybe not the best of them. But, I do have a few tips for some fun little getaways on the cheap this summer season - so gather up your spare change, grab a friend, and get ready for some well-deserved warm-weather adventuring.

Cheap Vacation Ideas

1. Start with an Open Mind. I get it. You may want to go to Hawaii. But that darn responsible side of you has talked you into paying your bills, and well, you know, avoiding homelessness. Since we all know that is the side that's going to win, don't go into your vacation planning with your heart absolutely set on one place. Plenty of fun can be had in a jillion places. Maybe a jillion and one, so keep an open mind yo, and see where the summer takes you.

Cheap Vacation Getaways

2. Google Search a Flight. Sooo, did you all know you can Google Search a flight and it will also show you an "Explore Destinations" map, with a plethora of flights and their prices. For instance, right now for me to fly to Minneapolis, MN (round-trip mind you) is only $83!! Mall of America anyone? New Orleans round-trip is only $91! This is where that open mind thing comes in. Google search a flight from your nearest airport to whatever city. Click on "Flights," plug in your dates and then click "Explore." This feature is available on both PC and mobile, BUT, your PC will show a ton more options, just an FYI:)

Cheap Weekend Getaways

3. Travel on the Fly. I know this will freak a LOT of people out, BUT, don't be afraid of last minute trips or at least last minute bookings. My friends and I have scored AMAZING hotel deals via Priceline just because we were willing to wait. We knew where we were going, we just didn't know where we were staying. An hour or so before arrival, we went to Priceline, put in what we wanted to pay ($45) and had the price immediately accepted. $45 friends!!!

What to Wear on Vacation.jpg

4. Go Local. I know for a fact that every single state in our country has hidden little gems of places you maybe haven't heard about, but are PERFECT for a weekend away. Visit your state's tourism website and find something off the beaten path. It might not be Hawaii, well, unless you actually live in Hawaii, but you can still make it an adventure. 

How to Travel for Cheap

5. Book a Spa Day. Disconnect from media and don't just go for the hour long massage. Go for the whole day. Whatever the best package is, get it. If you only have time to be disconnected from reality for one day, make it a doozie;)

Speaking of traveling...isn't the little button-up I'm donning the most perfect tourist shirt ever? I found it at Marshall's recently and I've linked to some similar options below:

Hope you all are having an amazing week! What adventures do you planned for this summer season?