Welcome to 2019 - Goals for the New Year

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It’s like I blinked and it was gone. What a crazy year this was! There are some years that go by and whether good or bad, I don’t feel like I really grew. This was not one of those years. It was hard guys. Not in the sense of a huge tragedy or illness (thank goodness), but personally, it was a hard year. Embarking on my own career was WAY more stressful than I ever imagined, and also one of the most rewarding things I’ve ever done.

Smart Goals for 2019

Exactly one year ago, I had NO idea what was about to head my way (a job loss) - that’s the crazy thing about life. It likes to pop out of closets and yell surprise. In 2018, I wasn’t ready for the party. I had a goal, but no real plan on how to accomplish it. I felt like I was waking up each day just trying to survive and not really having time to enjoy anything. I don’t want to do that this year. I need a game plan for 2019 to make sure it gets started off on the right foot. So here we go - goals and a blueprint for the new year. Let’s go!


Better Manage my Finances. I’ve always been pretty good at this, but with so much going on in 2018, there were times I felt like I was scrambling to pay bills. I’ve already implemented a little system that, for the past month or so, has been working like a charm, so, fingers-crossed I can continue with that.

Blog and Social Media Planning. I can call a-spade-a-spade. I suck at planning my posts. All of them. Blog, Insta, I kind of plan-as-I-go, which isn’t a great plan at all actually. I’m working on getting a week’s worth of posts planned, so I can ditch the OMG-I-need-to-post-something-now thing I’ve been doing. It’s amazing how planning ahead keeps me organized in all facets of life.


Learn to Say No. Ohhhh this is a hard one for me. I love being there for anyone and everyone and when people need or want anything, I seldom say I can’t. Instead, I’ll choose to let myself get behind on projects that also have deadlines and stress myself out unnecessarily.

Remember to take Breaks. Even if they’re short. Even if they’re only for an afternoon or evening. Working round-the-clock really isn’t healthy and I need to stop and smell the roses from time to time.


Be Healthy. I actually am a fairly healthy person - I like to workout, I eat healthy-ish, usually. BUT, the past month I’ve fallen off the wagon a little bit and need to re-focus and then stay focused. Even when it’s cold. Or even when I really want the doughnut.

Eight Hours of Sleep. I’d settle for six, lol. But really, I need to sleep more. Whether it’s 7 or 8, I don’t know, but it needs to be more than what I’ve been getting.


I’m sure as the year goes on, I’ll need to add to this list. And, hopefully some of these things will become such good habits I can cross them off. Do you have any goals you’re setting for yourself in 2019? I would love to hear them - feel free to share in the comments below!

Striped Sweaters and Distressed Denim

Santa was so good to me this year guys! My dad gave me a Kohl’s gift card where I found this cute sweater from the Lauren Conrad line. I wish you could feel softness through a blog post, because OMG guys, this is the softest coziest sweater ever. And I do love a pink stripe. I’ve linked to it below along with a few other similar pieces to what I’m wearing as well.

The sweater is long and fits true-to-size, however, I sized up to make it slouchy enough so I can wear it off-the-shoulder sometimes as well.

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