5 Things to Do In the Next 30 Days - May

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Can you believe we are already to the middle of May? What-the-what?!? Annnnd, in typical Indiana fashion, I've gone from the furnace on in the mornings because my house was SO cold to, really, needing to turn the air on (although I'm refusing to do that quite yet) in less than a week. It's all good though, because, well, it's summer (yeah, we've bypassed spring at this point) so basically, everything is excusable.

Since there's a newness in the air this time of year, I thought it would be a perfect time to introduce a new monthly series: 5 Things to Do in the the Next 30 Days, just because, sometimes we need a reminder to change things up every now and again. 

On a side note, this faux-suede tank is no longer available, BUT, I'm linking to a few of my favorites below:)

Cute Summer Tops
Cute Tops for Summer

1. Plant Something. I don't care what it is...a flower, a tomato plant, basil...it legit doesn't matter, but now is the time to plant something pretty you can enjoy for a few months.

2. Invest in New Running/Workout Shoes. I never believed the old adage that you had to change out your shoes...especially if they still looked good. BUT, tis the season to be out and about, and if you've had yours for awhile, you probably need new ones. Trust me, your ankles, knees and back will thank you!

Pink Faux Leather Bag

3. Take Out a Library Book. And actually read it:) I've been telling myself for MONTHS I need to get a library card. I know it's so easy to digitally read whatever you want, but I think there's something about finding a book in the library and turning an actual page.

Suede Top
Suede Crop Top

4. Eat Healthy. But allow yourself a cheeseburger if that's what you're craving. I know it's so convenient to grab overly processed everything, but you guys!!! Fresh fruits and veggies are sooo dang good right now. I make my own veggie plates one or twice a week for supper and couldn't be any more satisfied.

5. Put your Favorite Song on Repeat and Learn All of the Lyrics. I'm sure there is something scientific or whatever behind it, but, whatever...it'll make you happy. Period.

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