The 90's Are Back and Chicago Summer Hot Spot

Cute Outfits for Summer


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I am the first to admit, I can be a bit figety when it comes to trends. Take leopard print. LOVE it! Love it so much, I didn’t realize it wasn’t “on trend,” because it’s a frequent guest in my closet. On the opposite end of the spectrum, clear bags. I meeeean….there are just things I don’t need the public knowing or seeing: the brand of my tampons, my janky wallet that’s falling apart or ALL the lipstick I carry with me because I can be indecisive and change my mind on color mid-outing.

So, my current trend that’s more “leopard print” than “clear bag?” So easy. The 90’s trend! It’s really a beautiful thing guys. This sweet lil’ trend totally takes me back to my college days. TLC’s Fanmail is in my CD player, I’m watching Britney Spears’ Hit Me Baby One More Time video at least once a day and my summer days are spent in everyone’s favorite sandal - you know the one, right? The black platform with just the 3-4” elastic strap across the top. Raise your hand if you had a pair (or 2) of those gems!✋✋✋


Shop the Look, skirt, sunnies, sandals, hair scarf are exact items:

Jean Skirt Outfit Ideas

So, as you may have guessed, one of my favorite 90’s style looks is a cute jean skirt. I think from about 1990 to the early 2000’s I had at least one in my rotation. And now they are back in a HUGE way and this girl ain’t mad about it. The best thing about jean skirts is that they are just as versatile as actual jeans. Right now, wear them with your favorite sandals or sneakers and summer top. But when the weather starts to turn, a jean skirt with tights, a jean skirt with boots or a jean skirt with leggings, will be equally perfect. I found the one I’m wearing in these pics at Target (go figure) for under $20. Shop the exact look in the above widget.


Scrunchie Mania and More 90’s Fashion for Women

Remember when your bathroom cabinet literally had a “scrunchie box?” And there were scrunchies of every color and texture and it was so easy to find your favorites because they were double the size from being worn, and stretched, so much, which totally wasn’t a big deal…just wrapped it one more time around your pony. So yeah, scrunchies were in, until they went out, and when they went out, they were soooo far out you literally just through the entire scrunchie box in the garbage. There was even an episode of Sex and the City discussing just how “out” they were.

But they are back and back in SUCH a big way! Like, they’re actually a lil’ bigger this time around. I saw the cutest one last week that was huge, but had the prettiest floral print and textured fabric around the print (see the shopping widget). Oh, and that leads me to another reason we should never again get rid of scrunchies - they really are the most versatile of accessories. Wear it in your hair, or around the wrist…so many options😉.


My current favorite scrunchie provides the answer I ask myself occasionally, “how to tie a scarf on the head?” Usually I fuss over head scarves so much I end up taking them out and putting on a hat. But I am loving the scrunchies with the attached scarf or bow - wrap it around a pony and done. In typical 90’s trends style, easy breezy.

As for the other 90’s styles that are totally back - check out high-waist jeans, overalls, round glasses and sunnies and cute sets. Biker shorts are back (thanks Kim Kardshian) and I’m still not a fan. Unless you’re actually riding a bike. In which case, totally go for it.

Fun Things to Do in Chicago this Summer

So I know you have to be wondering where all these pics were taken - have you seen a more Instagrammable location? I was invited to attend the grand opening of Neon Summer this past Friday and OH EM GEE guys!!! It was seriously so much fun and these pics are only a fraction of the spots to strike a pose in.

Neon Summer has a little of everything to satisfy all of your outdoor summer funtivities. Axe throwing? Chicago Neon Summer. Mini golf? Chicago Neon Summer. Go-Karts? Chicago Neon Summer. And I’ve already mentioned the nearly million-and-one places to take pics right??? There are also rotating food trucks, outdoor bars - the pop-up is sponsored by Truly, and lots of relaxing outdoor lounge space to enjoy a can of everyone’s favorite Summer 2019 drink.

So if you’re looking for summer date ideas, or if you’re traveling to Chicago soon and searching for things to do in Chicago this week, I HIGHLY recommend a visit to Neon Chicago. I said “this week” because remember, it is a pop-up. And it will only be poppin’ for five weeks.

To learn more or purchase tickets, visit

Thanks so much for reading - I’d love to hear what your favorite 90’s trends are, or where your best Instagrammable spot is. Hope each of you is having an amazing week!


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