Sleeve Obsessed

There's nothing like a good weekend to really make you appreciate not working is there? I am not quite ready for Monday, but excited for the week ahead. All of my lil' cheerleaders and dancers have an early move-in Wednesday before classes start so we can prep for the season. How are we to this point in the year already?

I'm slowly starting to transition into fall looks and up first is this ridiculously cute top I found when I wasn't top-shopping during a long weekend away. I also wasn't jean or shoe-shopping either and I still ended up with each of those pieces as well:)

Slip On Shoes
Bell Sleeved Top

I've been on the hunt for a cute fun-sleeved top ever since I started seeing them last fall. The problem with a lot of the bell sleeved options is that they were soooo long on me. I just kept visualizing the disaster that I was certain to have when I attempted to eat, or wash my hands...or basically just function. Even when I try super hard, there are certain pieces I can't keep clean and a long bell sleeved top I am certain would be one of them.

Striped Long Sleeve Top
Pink Shoes

But, I don't have to worry about it with this cute lil' option. Yay!!! I love how it looks with jeans, and let's be there anything better than blue and white stripes paired with pink? The answer is no. And these blush slip-on loafers were only $16.99, so I had to get them too (same trip). $16.99 PEOPLE!!! How do you pass that up?

Striped Shirt Womens
Pink Loafers

So yayyy me! I feel like one of the cool girls now with my fancy sleeves that I'm pretty sure I can keep clean. Of course, I'll probably drip spaghetti sauce down the front, but, like I said, my sleeves will be fresh everyone.

Flare Sleeve Top
Light Pink Shoes

I couldn't find any of the pieces online but I did find some similar options to tempt you with below: