Hotwire is Turning 18! Learn How to Win a Vacation + Packing Tips for Weekend Getaways

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Well guys, it is officially fall! I know technically it’s been “fall” for a few weeks, but here in the Midwest, the actual indicator of fall is when you need both your air conditioner and furnace on in the same week. We got that out of the way last week, so fall is here, and I am officially thinking of vacations. Cold weather will do that to a girl.

Hotwire is Turning 18!

I’m so excited to be partnering with Hotwire for this post, because guess what? I use Hotwire All. The. Time. For real, sometimes I’ll just go to their website and or Hotwire app just “to see,” what’s available. Before I tell you exactly how/why I choose to book hotels and things through Hotwire, I’m more excited to wish them a Happy Birthday! That’s right, Hotwire is turning the big 1-8. It’s officially an adult and while I’d like to pass on a warning about the adulthood “trap,” and it not being everything it’s cracked up to be, Hotwire is already showing its’ maturity by having learned this valuable lesson: it’s better to give than receive.


Hotwire is celebrating it’s 18th birthday by offering an $18 off $180 coupon code (HBD18), valid on Hot Rate Hotels, 10/16/18 at 12:00 a.m. PST through 10/19/18 at 5:00 p.m. PST! And because no birthday is complete without a song, from October 22nd to November 11th, Hotwire is hosting a social media jingle campaign contest. “Can You Sing It Weirder?” encourages consumers to sing the infamous Hotwire jingle in the weirdest way they can imagine! Some thought starters:

●       Sing it like a cowboy
●       Sing it like a pirate
●       Sing it like Lucille Ball after a few too many spoonfuls of Vitameatavegamin
●       Get your besties and sing it like your favorite boy band

Reimagine the Hotwire jingle and you might just be walking away with $5,000 worth of travel through Hotwire! Hotwire will also be randomly selecting 3 weekly winners for a 2-night stay and 2 flight tickets to a US destination. Free vacations guys, whoo hoo!


If you’ve never used Hotwire, essentially, they work with suppliers to book unsold inventory. This is especially helpful for those last-minute trips or weekend getaways when hotels or airlines have excess space and want to make sure they are filled up. Your girl over here is a bit of a last-minute traveler, so I think I’ve been using Hotwire literally since it first came out. In addition to hotels and flights, you can also book a rental car or bundle an entire vacation package.

While Hotwire’s Hot Rate deals  doesn’t reveal the name of the hotel until after you’ve booked, you can filter by class, amenities and areas to make sure you’re satisfied with the results. Prior to booking, they do share the hotel amenities, ratings and the distances to popular locations, so although you might not know the name, you do have an idea of the type of hotel you’ll be staying in. I’ve used Hotwire dozens of times and never been anything but happy with the hotels they’ve found for me and honestly, in some instances, they’ve made traveling possible when I’ve needed to stay within a strict budget.


So What Would I Do With $5,000 Worth of Travel?

So now Hotwire has me dreaming of some amazing adventures! With a $5,000 travel prize, I think I’d do a themed trip/s over the course of a year:

●       The Glam Life: I’d go to L.A. NYC, Hawaii, Miami and any other glam-spot I could find.
●       Historic U.S.: I’ve always wanted to see some of the most iconic and historic U.S. landmarks and locations. I’d go to Boston, Virginia, Gettysburg, Mount Rushmore and who knows where else.
●       The Beach Life: This is self-explanatory.
●       The Zoo Life: I’m an animal person…how fun would it be to travel to the most popular zoos and/or animal parks???
●       Yankees Adventure: I’ve always wanted to take my ENTIRE family (dad, brothers and their families) to a Yankee game at Yankee Stadium. OMG, we would have so much fun!

What would you do with a $5,000 travel prize from Hotwire?


What to Wear (and Pack) for a Weekend Getaway

In addition to letting you know how you can win yourself a free trip, I’m also sharing a few tips for what to pack for a quick weekend getaway:

Tip #1: I always pack and wear separates. I love being able to create “new” outfits by packing separates that all coordinate with one another.

Tip #2: If traveling by plane, wear layers. This poncho or a denim jacket are great options because, they are easy to remove if you get too hot, but again give you multiple options to wear with different outfits later on.


Tip #3: A Go-Bag. This is essential! I have a go-bag with my personal travel-sized items: toothpaste, deodorant, hair products, face-cleanser, etc. Being able to literally just grab that bag and go makes things so much easier.

If you have a trip coming up, be sure to visit H-O-T-W-I-R-E, Hotwire Dot Com! to book your own amazing deal. I’d love to hear where you’re itching to go on your next vacation…let me know in the comments below!


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