Better than Botox? I Tried Bratoxinsta, Here's What I Think

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Introduction to BRZLNSKIN

Happy new week everyone! I’m so excited to talk (or write) to you a little about my experience with Bratoxinsta, from BRZLNSKIN. I admit, I hadn’t heard of the brand prior to them reaching out to me, but once I did some research, I was intrigued. Their ingredients include natural extracts from the Amazon Rainforest. While other ingredients are used, Bratoxinsta is made with only natural ingredients, made in the USA, not tested on animals and dermatologist recommended.


I don’t know about you, but I’m in the camp that the less artificial things or chemicals I can put on, or in, my body, the better. Admittedly, I don’t check every single label I purchase of my beauty products or food, but, I should. I am a firm believer that natural is healthier.

Bratoxinsta claims to smooth the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles in 60 seconds or less through the use of their innovative formula. Plus, the combination of plant stem-cells, antioxidants from Acai and peptides help to improve the long term appearance of skin. To apply, dab (don’t rub) a small amount to clean skin over wrinkles on forehead, around eyes or other areas as needed.


Results of Bratoxinsta

Full disclosure, my wrinkles and fine lines aren’t horrific…I would say they’re in the beginning of stages. That said, I’m basing my results off of that:) And since I know y’all just want to know if it works or not my honest opinion is a huge YES!

I used Bratoxinsta two different ways, and had a better result the 2nd way. I’ll describe them both here however. The first method was exactly as the directions said to do. While this method worked, I did not like how it felt…definitely on the dry side.

The 2nd method I experimented with worked much better for me. After applying like normal, I waited a few minutes until I was sure the Bratoxinsta had completely dried and then I applied a very tiny amount of oil-free moisturizer to the treated areas. So much better and it didn’t negate the positive effects of the cream.

I did reach out to the minds at BRZLSKIN and they said that method 2 was completely fine but noted it was important the moisturizer be oil-free. Lucky for me, 99% of the products I use are oil-free. Be sure to experiment however, as you may not need the extra moisturizing boost!


Bratoxinsta Packaging

While I love the results of the product itself, I am SO infatuated with the packaging! How cute is the syringe-like bottle? If you’re not thinking about it, it is a little too easy to push too much product out, but I’ll take that in return for the adorbs bottle.

I’ve never had Botox, so I can’t tell you if this is better or worse. BUT, I definitely would highly recommend it for an alternative, or an option prior to any needles. It’s painless and way less expensive, two huge pros for me!


Bratoxinsta retails for $59.99 and is available for purchase directly at BRAZILIANSKIN.COM. Use code BCB-20 for 20% off your entire order now through 10/15!