The 10 Cutest Blazers you Absolutely Need in your Closet for Spring

How to Style a Blazer for Spring


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Spring has sprung and I am over here turning cartwheels and doing a happy dance. Even though it’s still, actually pretty cold. I am certain however one day soon I’m going to open my curtains to be greeted with green grass and flowers (and after this winter, I think I’ll actually be excited for dandelions and other weeds).


There is just something about the season that gets me totally wanting a new wardrobe. Raise your hand if you can relate? And I think spring is the big one - the most significant weather change between the seasons seems to be winter to spring. Plus, all of a sudden things are alive again which just makes new pieces hanging in your closet that much more fun to wear.

All of that said though, today I’m showing you pieces that, traditionally, are not really new. A blazer, leggings and mules are staples in a lot of our wardrobes. However, how to wear a blazer in the spring of 2019 is slightly different.


My dad literally just called and during the conversation asked what I was writing about. I told him a blazer and he responded with, “like a suit coat?” My response was, “well yeah, but cooler.”

That’s thing thing about the blazers we’re seeing today. They’re way more fun, and way less stuffy than they’ve ever been before. Don’t get me wrong, I know there are oodles of women who wear a more traditional suit to work and they look fabulous. That isn’t me. In previous jobs when I saw the words business or business casual, I cringed. I just hated being dressed in those clothes.

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The blazer I’m wearing today though is not one of those pieces. With the ruched arms that gives the illusion I’ve pushed up the sleeves and the relaxed fit, this has quickly become a comfortable staple in my closet. I’ve also worn it with jeans and heels/boots for another spin on casual.

Ok, so the verrrrry best thing about this outfit, and proof that fashion can be affordable is the fact that this entire look, head-to-toe cost just $35:

  • Blazer/Gordman’s/$10

  • Mules/TJ Maxx/$10

  • Tank/Old Navy/$5

  • Leggings/Lauren Conrad for Kohl’s/$10

How’s that for budget friendly??? Those leggings are actually my VERY favorite leggings - great quality and better price. Plus, I noticed they’re on sale for just $6 now! They’re linked in the widget below along with two ridiculously cute pink mules and yes, 10 of the cutest blazer options for spring:)