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How to Treat Cellulite - the New Treatment Everyone is Talking About

Finding a treatment for cellulite ain’t no joke beautiful people. If you’re wondering how to treat cellulite, you’re not alone. Read this post to find out just how not alone you are, plus all about Cellfina - a less invasive treatment that just might right for you!

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Learn to Run Plus the Two Free Workout Apps I Use to Get Into Shape

Need some fitness tips or a running program for beginners? In this post, I’m sharing how I get into shape each spring with with a running workout, plus, how I’m mixing it up this season with my favorite running app!

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Easy Skincare Tips to Refresh Skin this Spring

I hate to beat a dead horse, guys, but, maybe you're new here. Or, maybe you read all of my posts but you've forgotten that I may have mentioned a time or two (as in 1 or 200) that this winter was rough. Not only did it make me super grumpy - that's what lack of sunshine and 18 million inches of snow does to a girl, it made my skin super gross. "Dry, dull and tired looking," is what I've been thinking every single time I look in the mirror….

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