Get Yoself Together with Gordman's Series: Closet Organization

**This post has been sponsored by Gordman's. Opinions my own. Thank you for supporting the brands that support my blog.


Friends! Can you believe it? Summer is ending, fall is around the corner and back-to-school shopping has been happening for the past few weeks. Ok, so it's been a little bit since I've actually gone back to school for educational purposes, BUT, each and every year, I have the same back-to-school vibes because the cheer and dance teams I coach come back to campus, and I definitely feel like I'm going back-to-school.

And trust me, I go back-to-school shopping, because, that's just something I'll never give up:) After all, I need new pieces for games, and of course, the weather will soon be changing and my tanks are being traded in for sweaters. I am SO lucky I have a Gordman's near-by to assist me with everything I need and OMG, it's so affordable! Gordman's is an off-priced retailer, meaning, they buy pieces that have been sold in excess to department stores and specialty retailers. And guys, I'm talking Nike, Levi's, and more, plus the cutest home items like furniture and accents to keep your home looking it's best this season too.


So let's bring it back to organizing because grrrl, if you're like me, your closet needs some organizing each fall season. Before I allow myself to purchase one single item, I always make myself do a serious closet purge. I live in a smaller home with small closets and keeping my clothing organized is an absolute necessity (oh and don't worry, Gordman's can help you get your small space organization as well - but more on that in a future post). And how many of you have ever been planning on wearing your favorite outfit from last year only to pull it out and realize it's stretched and pilled and well, just doesn't meet your standards anymore (RIP to all the sweaters I lost this season). Getting rid of pieces BEFORE you shop, is key to keeping your closet organized and below, I'm sharing my tips to do so this back-to-school season.


5 Tips to a More Organized Closet this Fall:

1. Like I said above, purge before you shop! This will make your shopping trip so much more productive as you'll be focused on the things you need not just impulsively buying anything you see.

2. Stay on task when cleaning - I like to go through my tops for instance in a certain methodical way: sleeveless, short-sleeved, long-sleeved then sweaters. Going through them this way is kind of like making a list and being able to cross things off. Tank tops? Done! Short-sleeves? Check! And then I'm just so much more motivated to keep going. What is it about crossing things off that makes us want to do more??? I don't know, but I love that feeling!


3. Keep your piles neat and tidy. I usually have three closet-cleaning-piles: donate, for the things that don't fit properly or maybe weren't smart purchases from season's past but still look good; toss - for the things I wore on-repeat (and it shows) last season; and of course keep, for those lucky pieces that are still workin' for me.

4. Emotionally, let go. I have to admit, I've been an emotional clothing-keeper before. I remember where I wore it (on vacation and it was sooo much fun, so how can I get rid of it?), or when I bought it (shopping with friends and it was sooo much fun, so how can I get rid of it?). But, keeping pieces you'll never wear again is only taking up space in your closet, and using an additional hanger. Let go, my friends.

5. Don't forget the shoes. I'm not sure why, but I always forget to purge my shoes and since I store all of those in the shoe boxes they came in, if I don't from time to time, my closet can be overwhelming. And once again, letting go of the worn out ones means you've just made space for new options:)


So I've done my closet-purge and I've also done some shopping courtesy of Gordman's. I'm showing you two-pieces I picked up at last week. This Philosophy sweater ($16.99) and the cutest little Not Rated booties for fall ($18.98), don't you think?!?

I hope you enjoy this quick little back-to-school organizational series I'm doing this week in collaboration with Gordman's. You can find a Gordman's near you by visiting this page.

Cheers to a new week beauties!