Coffee and Cardio

Guess what guys?!? I did NOT work out this weekend. I did however don this cute "Does Running for Coffee Count as Cardio" tee all over town, including a coffee run, sooo...that counts right? Aside from coffee runs counting for cardio, I've actually thought of a whole list of things that should count for cardio on my off days:

  1. Watching SVU Marathons all weekend: I would honestly feel so much better about life if instead of saying I watched 14 hours straight of SVU, I could say I did 14 hours straight of cardio. And stop wasn't 14 hours. It was 13...I was exaggerating to really drive my point home.
  2. Cleaning my room. I don't know how, but I get ready one night and it feels like my entire closet has been completely deconstructed. Reconstructing it is sooo much effort.
  3. Thinking about what eye makeup I'm going to do on any particular day. Whyyyy is this so hard. And then I have to watch about 10 YouTube videos just to know how to actually do it. The struggle is real guys.
  4. Doing laundry. Blech. No explanation needed.
  5. Paying Bills. See explanation for number four.
  6. Planning my week. I'm not going to lie. Sometimes, planning my week is so mentally draining, it feels like I've run 5 miles. Times 10.
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Alright so I can't wait to read your answers to this VERY important question...if one thing in your life could count as cardio, what would it be??? And be sure to shop my line of cute statement tees over at Two Twenty Three Apparel:)