Cozy Sweaters and OTK Boots

Ahhh, long time no blogging friends!!! I cannot believe how busy I've been, but, this lil' break has done my mind good, and I'm so excited to be back in the blogosphere:) I get to those points where I sometimes just have to take a break and definitely hit my wall last week. 

I've also been working on an Instagram class for small business and bloggers. I started it way back last summer and then all of a sudden IG went through MAJOR changes so I decided to hold off. Unfortunately I didn't have a second of spare time to start working again until now. Yay!!! If you haven't already signed up for the updates, you can do so here. And, you can follow me on IG at Laura_Yoder:)

So, we're to winter now. Yay. If you're sensing sarcasm, good, because that "yay," was laced with it. I am NOT a fan of cold weather! I do however, not object to cold weather gear, i.e. cute boots and cozy sweaters. In fact, I kind of live in them this time of year. I've been looking for a pair of black OTK boots for a couple of months now and just couldn't find ones I "loved," but these literally spoke to me at Marshall's last weekend (no really, literally, I heard them!), and the price was right (under $40), soooo, they're now mine:)

This exact color of sweater is sold out online at H&M, BUT, they do have 3 other colors available, at just $9.99!!! Check them out here.

I can't find this exact boot from Unisa any longer, but check out this similar option - I love it in the Burgundy color!

And check out my some of my other FAVORITE OTK boots below, all under $100!

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