How to Put Outfits Together With What You Already Have

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Check your local Gordman's for these pieces, although, I've found the skirt here, on Poshmark, and a similar Tommy Hilifiger plaid shirt here, at Macy's.

Well. It’s happening guys. Winter. I’m writing this and watching the snow fall and wind blow and I’m wondering how fast I could pack up my car and move to Florida? My threats, at least for the time being, are idle, but OMG, I am so over winter. So let’s just not talk about it, ok?!?

Cute Outfit Ideas that Don’t Cost a Thing!

Instead, how ‘bout chattin’ cute outfits? That’s way more fun, am I right?!? I know most of us wish we had an endless supply of dollar bills floating around our wallets. BUT, if you’re like me, you don’t. Also if you’re like me, you like having “something new,” for, well, just about everything. But, I refer you back to the fact I don’t have endless dollas in ma wallet.


Which leads me to this post, how to re-purpose the things already in your closet to create a “new” outfit. Case in point, 95% of the time, I wear flannels with jeans or leggings. But, thinking outside the box led me to pair it with a pleated skirt and I love how it came together.

1) Step Out of your Comfort Zone. I know, I know. This is a strategy for just about anything and everything, but it definitely applies here too. Mix a print. Try two pieces together that you haven’t tried before. Mix and match your clothing because guess what? If they don’t work together, you can change:) Unless you live in one of those states that have the you-try-it, you-wear-it laws, in which case, yeah…you’re stuck. But for the rest of us, we’re golden, and if you find something new that works together, you’re even goldener (yeah, it’s a word).

Want to mix a print? Coordinate the colors and try a stripe with polka dots, graphic tee or a floral. Easy-peasy!


2) Start with the Unexpected: Meaning, what two types of pieces would you typically never wear together? Take my flannel shirt. I’ve worn flannel with jeans, with leggings, I’ve tied it around the waist of a tee-shirt dress, BUT, I’ve never worn flannel with a pleated skirt.

My favorite “unexpected” outfit: cute sneakers and a midi skirt or dress!


3) Mix your Typical Event Pieces: We all have specific pieces we wear to specific events. Work clothes. Weekend Wear. Night Out Outfits. This list could go on an on but once you learn to make those pieces work for another occasion and take them out of the “traditional box” you typically put them in, your wardrobe expands tenfold!

So you’re a jeans and tee type of girl. Perfect, me too! Here’s how to take those pieces from day to night: trade in the sneaks or flats for pumps, wear bolder jewelry and carry a clutch. Maybe even get crazy and knot the waist of the tee to alter the silhouette a little.

Have you “shopped your closet” recently for an event or outing? I would love to hear about it! Let me know in the comments below:)


Budget Friendly Winter Outfit Ideas

I think I’m done showing you all flannel outfits for a little while (see this post here yet again featuring me wearing flannel!). But, before I sign off, I have to talk for a minute about this gem. OMG, it is so soft! And I’ve never described a flannel like this, but it’s actually cozy. It was one of the pieces I styled at the Gordman’s event I talked about over on Instagram and in my recent newsletter. Even though “technically” I didn’t need another flannel, I could resist it’s comfi-ness. I mean hey, “technically” I didn’t need a piece of pumpkin pie and I got one of those too. And actually I feel great about both decisions:)


For two basic wardrobe pieces, when I put them together it seemed very rocker chic. That said, if you’re looking for winter concert outfits, not only would this work, but I think you could absolutely put together similar outfits without any trouble.

Hope you’re doing great and had fun scoring all sorts of Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals! I picked out some good options for you to peruse below, and I won’t tell if you end up getting a few of these for yourself:)