Summer Blues (in the Form of a Twin Set!) Thanks to Dezzal!

I am SUCH a dress girl - I would wear them everyday if I could, (actually, if I had enough closet space). I was so excited however, to find this two-piece skirt and top set recently at Dezzal. And by excited, I mean I think I might have "awwwed" out loud when I laid eyes on it. A set like this is beyond perfect because while it feels like a dress, the separates coordinate with SO many other pieces already hanging in my closet. I can't wait to find a cute little pink something-or-other to pair with the crinkled tulle skirt (I'm awwing, in my head again). The entire boutique-like Dezzal sight is packed with chic pieces from both in-house and emerging designers which I love being introduced to as well. I suggest acting quick if you see a piece you want hanging in your closet set below is already sold out (in less than two weeks)! I'm linking to some adorable alternatives below however:)

Cute Tulle and Denim Outfit
Cute Skirts for Summer
Cute Skirt Outfit
Casual tulle skirt outfit
Casual way to wear a tulle skirt

This week's lip color: Kitten c/o Kismet Cosmetics

Alternative Skirt and Top Sets and Dresses from Dezzal:

For Chic Summer Nights: Print Top and Asymmetrical Skirt Set ($95.99)
Pretty in Pink (or blue, but pretty is this???): Philis Double V-Waisted Dress ($112.99)
Sexy Date Night Attire: Sheer Tiny Flower Embroidered Dress ($80.99)
Retro Pleated Perfection: Nexiia Lace Bodice Pleated Dress ($76.99)
When You're Feeling French: Pleated Gauze Striped Dress ($68.99)

Hope you all are having a fabulous week!!! Monday's aren't necessarily my favorite, but I love the feeling of newness today is bringing. Happy summer everyone!

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