Denim Dresses and More Off-the-Shoulder!

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Before anything else, just an FYI, my favorite summer lip color (Kitten) from Kismet Cosmetics is back for a limited time only! Get it here!!!

Update! Judging by the comments below, you all are loving these wedges. Unfortunately, they're at least 6 or 7 years old so instead, I've have scoured the web for some similar bright wedge options (all under $100!):

-Charles by Charls David Boston
- Schutz Patricia and Schutz Micaela (both have limited sizes available, but I love these color options!)
-Muk Luks Peyton 
-Soludos Wedge Sandals
-Jeffrey Campbell Verlina Wedge Sandal

Ok, so some days, do you ever just stare aimlessly at your computer screen and the only thing you can think about typing is "All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy?" No, just me? Well, that's ok too. Let me just say though, that the older I get, the more I totally understand Jack Nicholson in The Shining. Maybe not him trying to kill his family...or the ghost twins on the trikes. Specifically, I get sometimes wanting to write, but not having anything to say. I meannn, what do you want to know about...bad date? Good run? The fact that my cat slept for approximately 14 1/2 hours today? Blog posts can be SO hard.

I think I'll keep that lead paragraph as is, because who doesn't want to think about The Shining and how seriously scary it was (original, not remake) in a weird 80's movie kind of way. I mean, the minute that kid started squeaking out, "REDRUM," I was totally freaked out.

BUT, believe it or not, the real reason I'm writing this lil' post, is to show you this ridiculously cute dress. I looooove it!!! And, it would totally be perfect to watch The Shining in. Ehh....see how I'm seamlessly tying these two completely unrelated topics together? Seriously though, I have been wearing it on repeat (sorry if you've seen me repeating it). And it's so comfy and of course, I'm obsessed with off-the-shoulder e'rythang right now. And the fact that I got it at Marshall's is an even bigger win because I literally paid pennies for it. 

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Some cute denim/chambray options for you:

Hope you're having a fantastic week!!!