Easy DIY Hanging Shelves

So you guys! I am getting ALL sorts of crazy in this post today, showing you all a fun, super easy, crazy-versatile hanging shelf DIY. I actually think I'm going to redo it a little and instead of one hook in the middle, I'll lengthen the ropes and have hooks hanging on either side, BUT, for now, it works:)

Build Your Own Shelves.jpg

Step 1: Pick your wood. Don't worry if you don't have the proper size, Menard's, and I'm sure similar stores will do the same, will cut the wood you pick to the size you want it. To fit my space, I found a basic pine board that was cut down to 36" and 32".

DIY Wall Shelves.jpg

Step 2: Pick your paint. You can honestly paint these solid and it will look fantastic, but I wanted a little bit of rustic color, so I chose a teal color I use as an accent and then distressed it, giving it a barnwood feel. Honestly, if I did it again, I would have painted it solid white, because this takes the longest time, and you really can't tell it has a lot of color because of where it's hanging. Hindsight:)

Barnwood Finish.jpg

Step 3: Paint away! Since I did the barnwood finish, I'm showing you exactly how I achieved it. If you leave your shelves a solid color, you might be able to use this idea for other projects around your house:) I painted front and back of each a solid white, just using the Krylon Chalky Finish Spray Paint Shown in Classic White. I did one even coat and then sanded both front and back. Instead of using a paint brush for the turquoise color, I used paper towel, again, because I didn't want it perfect. I just squirted some on, and quickly (almost haphazardly) applied it using "somewhat" vertical strokes only. You can see, this was far from a perfectly coated coat of paint. Which, for this project, was perfect. I didn't necessarily wait for this to dry, I just went to sanding. And sanded. And sanded. I then went through and applied more turquoise paint to certain areas as needed and then sanded again. Repeat this pattern until you get the desired look. 

Hanging Walls Shelves.jpg
DIY Shelves.jpg

Step 4: I drilled my holes next, BUT, you might want to check wherever you got the wood...since it's just 8 holes total, they might be able to drill them their for you. Regardless, you will need 2 holes on each side and obviously, they should all be in the same location on each piece of wood and on each side. I placed mine about 1/4" in from the corners.

Easy Wall Shelves.jpg

Step 5: I also found this rope at Menard's and let me tell you, there is plenty of it. I need to start looking up some rope DIY's to really make use of it, lol. If you create a shelf just like mine, it is SO hard to make sure the ropes are tied just perfectly so that the shelves are "balanced." My brother actually used a nail gun to nail the rope into place on the top shelf which was the smartest thing ever. I however forgot to tie knots (which would have been just for show since my brother nailed the rope) into the appropriate places. If the knots (or nails) or off at all the shelf will hang to one side, just an FYI. 

DIY Hanging Shelves.jpg
Hanging Wood Shelves.jpg
Rustic Floating Shelves.jpg

Step 6: Hang and decorate:) I found most of these pieces at Hobby Lobby and two are still in stock: Bonjour Picture and Light Bulb Vases

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