18 Must-Have Statement Shoes you Need in your Closet Right Now for Spring

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Raise your hand if you build your outfits around your shoes?!? I am so guilty of this guys…I mean, don’t get me wrong, sometimes I have “this skirt,” or “that sweater,” but nine times out of ten, I think about the shoes I want to wear and then put the outfit together.

This especially rings true in spring when everything feels fresh and new. There’s always so much anticipation for me into spring and I have to say, looking at all the below shoe options makes my heart pitter-patter a wee bit faster. Vibrant and full of color, this just feels like the season to go big or go home.

Get Yoself a New Bold Spring Boot or One of these Other Show Stoppers

I L-O-V-E LOVE the boots I chose to wear with this summer jumper - layered of course to make it just right for cooler months. The embroidered floral patterned boots look great with a variety of pieces in my closet. In addition to jumpers, I’ve worn them with jeans, skirts and dresses. I wore them to a basketball game not too long ago and was SO surprised by the number of compliments from so many people I didn’t know!


If you’re a little timid when it comes to jumping on the statement shoe bandwagon, just remember, bold shoes can definitely go with bold pieces, but they also look great with basics and neutrals. Try them with a pair of jeans and tee or tank for a more subdued feel.

I do see a looooot of ladies dismissing a fun statement shoe and proclaiming, “I would never wear those!” For some, it’s simply because those shoes are honestly not to their taste. I get that. But for soooo many others, it’s a confidence thing. Statement making pieces are meant to be seen and there are people who freak out at the thought of turning heads.


That’s fine, but it’s also fine to let your light shine, ladies! If you like bold eye-catching pieces, wear them! Especially when their all sorts of appropriate (I mean, I’m not asking you to don crop tops and daisy dukes)! The words “style” and “fun” can be synonymous with one another, so it isn’t necessary to shy away from something you like because you’re afraid of what others will think.

Of course, the same is true in all facets of our lives, right? We have fears of what other will think when it comes to not just our fashion choices, but in regards to our jobs, what we say or think, our homes, etc. For most of us, that’s human nature.


But we shouldn’t be afraid of what people think about our shoes. I mean, they’re shoes:) Get in on one of the best trends of the season and go grab some fun ones for spring…I pinky swear you will not regret that choice! And honestly, there really are people who belittle your choices not because your choices are so crazy or out there, but because those people are jealous they didn’t make them. True story.

If you’re needing a little inspiration for your early spring outfits, you can happily steal this idea: adding a long-sleeve tee to your favorite summer jumper keeps you warm on cooler days but lends a little freshness to your winter uniforms your no-doubt ready to switch up.


On to some “what in the world am I doing with my life” news, I decided to start painting my bedroom over the weekend. Wellll, check that, I decided a year or so ago it needed to be painted, but so did a lot of rooms in my home and I started with those. Anyway, I only had enough paint for one wall, which I’m ok with - at least I got it started.

However, in the midst of painting, I also came to the realization my bedroom is too crazy crowded. I have small closets and if you didn’t get the sense from above that I like my shoes, well, just know that I do. I had my closet packed, a small dresser packed, and larger dresser packed, shelves that were installed on the wall full and a hanging rack exploding with pieces.

See all the photos from this shoot:

I decided to move everything into my spare bedroom/office/where-I-get-ready space and make that more of a dressing room. Great idea, right? Well it actually is because I am loving how spacious and clean my bedroom feels. That said, I have yet to really think out how I want to design my dressing space and actually finish this “closet cleanout.”

It needs to be budget-friendly, so I won’t be calling California Closets anytime soon. I’ve looked for hours on Pinterest and seen so many great ideas, but the ones I like make me feel like I need a Doctorate degree in about to 10 areas to actually be able to complete them.

Unfortunately, the space is currently a hot mess. And when I say "hot,” I mean hooooooottttt. Disaster zone, not even sure what’s in there right now kind of space. Wish me luck everyone, and if you see if see me in sweatpants and tee shirts for the next few months…it’s because that’s all I can find at the moment (aka, that was the load of laundry I did as all this was going down, and those items are still in my dryer).


Hope each of you are having the best weeks ever!