5 Things to Do Before Winter Ends

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Easy things to do in winter

If you saw my stories this weekend on Instagram, you probably got a sense that I was less than thrilled to be watching the snow fall. I was. I was yesterday too. I probably will feel the same way when I start to see it come down again tonight, tomorrow, Friday and Saturday. It's February, and I am officially over winter. BUT, ever the optimist I've come up with a list of things to do yet this winter that just might make you a little more happy about life. Because the reality is guys, we're weeks (just weeks, not months anymore!!!!!!) away from spring:) 

High Low Skirt.jpg
Pleated Skirt.jpg

1) Go outside. I know it sucks. When I'm outside, I hate it. Sometimes I hate it so much I cry (usually that's just because it's so windy, my eyes water, but still). However, even if it's just for 5 minutes, I'm always so much happier after I've been out. Plus, feeling this cold makes me SO appreciative of spring.

Black Leather Jacket.jpg
Midi Skirt.jpg

2) Wear something new. It's so easy to reach for your same-old-same-old when you don't feel like being out anyways, but mix it up a little bit tomorrow. Pair an edgy leather moto jacket with a super feminine pleated skirt (wink, wink), mix a print, wear sequins during the day...you know, just get all sorts of cray.

Pleated Midi Skirt.jpg
Moto Jacket.jpg

3) Wear something new....on your face. This is the perfect time to try a bolder lip, smokier eye, etc, because, welllll, not everyone is like you. They haven't read this post that tells them to get out more and so, basically, no one is out to see you anyway. It lets you comfortably get used to your new color.

Pink Midi Skirt.jpg
Biker Jacket.jpg

4) Get your workout on. I'm not a trainer or anything, but, I've been around long enough to know that bikini bodies happen in February yo.

5) Lastly, buy some new lounge wear because, when it's snowing and blowing and colder than cold, nothing is better than cozy comfy lounge-wear. With a cup of coffee. And a Law & Order SVU marathon.

edgy outfits.jpg


Anyone else a fan of wearing skirts in winter, in spite of the cold weather? See how I style my black pleated midi skirt in this post here.

Hope you beauties are having amazing weeks!!! Is there snow on the ground where you're at???