Eshatki Dress Review + 10 Cute Dresses for Spring and Summer


Dress Outfit Ideas for Spring and Summer

**This post contains affiliate links. Meaning, when you click on a product link, I can make a small amount of money, either in the form of the click itself, or in commission if you purchase anything from the site. Thank you to eShatki for supplying the dress seen in this post!

I’ve mentioned this before, but it bares repeating: there’s something about spring that make me want to wear allllll the dresses. Seriously. All of them!

Since I’m a huge fan of sporty-chic outfits and dresses, is there a better frock I could have received from eShatki??? I love the baseball tee vibe plus the racing stripes, but the feminine silhouette of the dress is everything!


Have you ever ordered anything from eShatki? If not, and you’re a fan of customization, this is the site for you! Of their numerous clothing options, each is customized to your size, height and style. Each style literally has 100 different possibilities, including lengths, sleeve lengths and necklines.

The color combos have changed a bit since I ordered mine earlier this spring, but each of the new ones are SO cute!! Check it out here. I love it with short sleeves as well. So many chic possibilities:)

My eyes did get allllll googly-like when I went back on their site and saw all the cute floral dress styles they are showing. You could honestly give me all of the pretty florals and pinks and pink florals and I would be set. But, I digress…back to ordering from eShatki (sorry, I distract easily when thinking about spring dresses):)


Clothing wise, they literally have it all - everything from jeans and tops to dresses and skirts and sizes ranging from 0-36W, so just like you do when you are “regular” shopping, you select your pieces. With eShatki however, when you click on a garment, options come up….and not just your regular size and/or color options.

To start with, you can select the size based on their size chart, or enter your individual measurements, which is so nice for those of us who are one size on top and another on the bottom. Imagine! A garment custom made to YOUR size!

See All of the Pics From this Shoot:

From there, you can then select the numerous options available for your particular garment, which ranges from length to necklines. For instance, with this dress, I had 11 necklines to choose from, four sleeve types, eight skirt lengths (I do wish I would have made mine shorter) and then got to choose between pockets or no pockets (ummm, the answer to that is ALWAYS pockets, am I right?).

Once you place your order, you can expect it within 14 to 17 days. Pretty cool right?!? Prices vary but nearly everything I looked at was well under $100, a pretty good deal for being completely customized, IMO.

Quality wise, I thought my dress was made really well, although I will say the back zipper was a little hard for me to get up. I also thought the pockets didn’t lay completely flat, although I’m not ready to place blame on the quality of the dress as your girl over here still hasn’t gotten rid of the winter weight…sooooo….it could just be my hips.

eShatki is definitely a huge YES for me - with so many options, not to mention all the customizations available, it’s a no-brainer.

Dresses: What to Wear this Spring

In case you need a little more outfit inspiration or dress ideas, I’ve found 10 super cute ones perfect for the spring and summer seasons. Dresses are so easy for day or night, vacation or everyday that it’s too hard not to be a fan of them.


Are you a dress person in spring and summer too? That surely can’t just be me, right? I hope each of your weekends is off to a great start - have you ever ordered anything from eShatki??? LMK in the comments below!