Fall Floral Jumpuits

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Who else is beyond excited for an extra day off tomorrow?!? I loooove long weekends. If I were independently wealthy, I'd take one every single week. Since I'm not there yet (maybe next month), I'll instead completely enjoy my day tomorrow:)

Before I say too much about the jumper I'm wearing in this post, let me also say, I realize I have tan lines. They're from running and I don't have time to go to the beach or otherwise lay out, and learning to use Photoshop just to get rid of them seems like something I really don't want to do. SO, before you wonder, "Does she know she has tan lines?," yes, I do. And no, I don't care.

In case you haven't realized by the leaves that are starting to change and the super-cool nights, It's basically fall. And on those super cool nights, you need at least one super cute jumper to take the place of your super cute rompers that have to be temporarily retired. I think this is my last TJ Maxx piece I had picked up earlier this summer (you can see the others here and here). I'm so smitten!

Black Jumpsuit
Evening Jumpsuit
Off the Shoulder Jumpsuit
Floral Jumpsuit
Long Sleeve Jumpsuit
One Piece Jumpsuit
Wide Leg Jumpsuit

This Mimi Chica Jumpsuit is sold out, but I did find it another color combo (black and white) available at Tilly's. And it's on sale for $24.97!

Or, take a look at these cute options below: