The Transitional Piece you Need to Take you From Summer to Fall

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Soooo, unlike just about everyone else in America right now, I'm not all that excited about fall. I LOVE summer, so I always get just a little bit blue when it's time to start thinking about autumn. That said, I do look forward to changing up my wardrobe a little bit, and I love working in pieces that I can layer, like this cute utility vest. Its perfect with shorts or a romper, but works just as well with jeans, skirts or leggings. Transitional and versatile - definitely my kind of piece! See another pair of sunglasses I rented from DITTO by visiting this post.

Fall Style Trends
Olive Green Army Vest
Army Green Jacket
Oscar de la Renta sunglasses
Green Army Jacket Womens
What to Wear Between Summer and Fall
Sunglasses Oscar de la Renta

Since the above options are currently out of stock, I thought I'd show some fantastic utility vests, jackets and more, certain to become go-to options for you this season.

Hope you each had great Labor Days!!! Is it just me or could anyone else really get used to three-day weekends???

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