Fitness Friday: My Favorite Fitness Apps

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Happy Friday loves!! It's been a little while since I've done a Fitness Friday post (technically), although last Friday I did share a style/hydration post...which qualifies (slightly, lol). Be sure to give it a read here, regardless.

Today I'm sharing a few of my favorite fitness apps, because sometimes I have to do an at-home workout. I'm not a gym-goer, and a lot of times the programs I've come across are a little hokey. The weather has been pretty bad here lately...wind, rain, cold temps, etc. and my outdoor runs have been few and far between (insert exactly three crying emojis), so I've recently made a lot of use out of the below apps (thanks Mother Nature). Anyways, take a peek at them all and let me know your favorites in the comments below!

Runkeeper: This is by far my favorite running app. I've done a few of the programs (you have to pay for the upgrade ($9.99/month or $39.99/year) and LOVED them. I'm back to the basic version for now and after completing one of their programs, have developed a training schedule that works for me (without paying). BUT, before you do that, I would definitely complete whichever one makes sense for your specific goals. 

Yoga Studio: I'm not a HUGE yogi by any means, but sometimes I need it. It does cost $2.99 (total, not a subscription based app). When I was doing the research on a good yoga app - this one had great reviews and I do like it, even though it's not my "go-to" form of exercise.

FITSTAR: I've sung the praises of this app on numerous occasions and it was my definite go-to in winter, and on days that I can't get outside or just want a targeted workout. You can select your training program (and trainer for that matter) and every personalized workout is different and unique to you so I've never felt bored with it.

A Fitness Orb: Totally kidding...I just wanted a reason to post this Office clip:) :) :) 

Concluding with some current favorite athleisure pieces, enjoy beauties!