Stop and Smell the Roses (Even in February)

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Happy Friday, happy weekend and happy February - so much happiness y'all! 

Every February I ALWAYS do something I regret. I wish it away. We're to the point in winter where, to be honest, I just want it to be over. Even though we've had such a mild season, I'm tired of the gloominess (although the sun has been shining the past few days - thanks Mother Nature!), I'm tired of cold temps, I'm tired of heating bills, I'm tired of short days, and I'm tired of rushing to get in from the cold. I'm definitely ready for spring. BUT, you know that little term, "stop and smell the roses?" That's the end of the sentence. There's not a subsequent "but only in the spring, summer and early fall." Just stop and smell 'em. And smile. And enjoy life...even February;)

Although I've committed to enjoying this month, it doesn't mean I can't start prepping for warmer weather by letting my feet have a little breathing room, right? I haven't retired my boots by any means, but now is the time of the year, I definitely start to break out the peep toes. Don't judge, it helps me enjoy life. They're the perfect compliment to this cozy H&M sweater I picked up in the fall and my favorite jeans. 

Winter Sweater
Cute Clothes for Women
Sweater Weather
knit sweater.jpg
Grey Sweater
Sweaters and Jeans Outfit

So, bad news. All of the items I'm wearing above are no longer available. I know, that totally sucks. BUT, the good news is I've found some similar items and linked them below. Yay!

Anyone have any fun and exciting plans for the weekend? OMG, as I was typing that I realized it's Super Bowl weekend. Yay football. Ha! I'll watch it from somewhere...more for the commercials that the actual game:)