5 Ways to Break Out of Your Style Rut this Summer

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I love when seasons change as when the weather changes, so does everything else - clothes, makeup, routines...everything seems new! That said, there couldn't be a better time to get all sorts of crazy with your clothes. Welllll...maybe not all sorts...just some sorts (some sorts doesn't have the same ring to it though does it???). If you're looking to mix things up a bit this summer, here are a few tips to break out of any style ruts brought on by winter:

Three Cheers for Fun Pants! Maybe four cheers actually:) I love all the patterns and silhouettes this season - from prints, to wide legs or joggers, or crops to full-on color, there are SO many non-traditional pant options this warm weather season, making this trend super easy to pull off.

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Mix-and-Match Patterns. I know. This can be such a scary thought BUT, it doesn't have to be. Some people are naturals at this - they just have an eye for pattern mixing. For those of us that don't, here's how to simplify it: 1) choose prints with coordinating colors and 2) mix a bolder pattern with a super basic one (the teeny tiny pin-stripes I'm wearing in this tank for instance are super easy to mix with other patterns, like a floral jogger).

Your Colors Don't Always Have to be Matchy-Matchy. Try wearing different shades of the same color together or mix up the hues of your accessories. It's true guys - your bag doesn't have to be the same color as your shoes. It's summer - let your hair down!

Mix your Clothing Genres. Ohhhh this is so fun!!! Try a simple dress with a baseball cap, or while we're talking sporty, a pleated skirt and sneakers like I did for this Instagram post. There's something SO fun about putting pieces together that traditionally don't belong.

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Did Someone Say Rompers (or Jumpsuits)? I did! I said rompers AND jumpsuits because they are the cutest things in the history of ever. If I could, I would wear them daily. I would workout in them (I wouldn't, I'm just trying to drive my point home), I would sleep in them (I would do this...I actually am sitting in my pajama jumpsuit right this very second), and I would prance through the streets telling everyone about them (I did this last night after a bottle of wine), (JK), (for real though). I go through this phase every summer, but this season it seems to be at a higher level than normal, so go, try one on - try a few maybe - and when you're ready, you can come prance through the streets with me. It'll be like a club for people who like rompers/jumpers (and wine).

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That's it for now, but what trends are you loving this season??? Let me know in the comments below!