Small Steps to Better Confidence + the CUTEST Gingham Top for Summer!

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You know those people that wake up every Monday like, "Yayyyy, Monday! Another week to be great!!!" I am not one of those people. I wake up a little more on the salty-side, like, "Noooo, not Monday. Why'd you get here so quick???" I mean, overall, I'm a pretty positive person. But, Monday.

Anyways, I hope you all had amazing weekend - and got everything done you wanted to, plus a few things in between.


You may have seen this outfit a couple of weeks back on Instagram. So cute, right??? I will however say, I was initially kinda uncomfortable in it. Not because it was uncomfortable. But because, well, I don't wear a lot of skirts with slits up to there (I mean, who do I think I am? Angelina Jolie?). I also don't wear a lot of shirts that show my stomach (I don't have rock-hard abs afterall) all that often anymore. And yet, here I found myself at this photo-shoot wearing a skirt with a slit up to there and a top I intentionally cropped.

By the end of it, my attitude was more, "no, I'm not Angelina Jolie...I'm way better," and, "yeah, I don't have rock-hard abs...mine are nicer...I feed them cookies sometimes and I think they kinda like it."

So, how did I go from unsure to umm, yeah! in 2.5 seconds (the actual time frame was questionable)? I owned it. I remembered my confidence. I looked in the mirror and thought, this outfit looks better than most of the ones I've worn in the past month, so why am I worried? I'm more covered than if I went the beach or pool, so why am I scared?


The truth is, sometimes outfits bring out our less-confident side. Especially when it's something we're not used to wearing. Through my years here on earth however, I've learned stepping out of a comfort zone is a good thing and here's why:

1. Stepping out of our comfort zones gives us confidence. 
2. Confidence changes attitudes. 
3. When my attitude is in check, things just fall into place. And when they don't, it's easy to not be bothered by it.

Now, I'm not saying just one little outfit will change your entire life all the time. But I am saying, one little something will. And usually, one little something turns into two little somethings, and before you know, you'll be gallivanting your pretty self through town like the Queen of fricken' England:)

Maybe it's not an outfit, maybe it's a workout. You're going to run (or walk) for one little song. I bet you'll actually run (or walk) for two songs and feel amazing. Maybe it's a new lip-shade. A healthier meal decision. Maybe it's the decision to read a book instead of binge watch the Law and Order SVU marathon that's on every weekend (I've never actually done that, sooooo, I don't know why I even know it's on every weekend. On USA. And ION. No idea why I know that).


So since it is Monday and if you're like me, you need something positive to stew on, stew on something small that will have a positive impact on your confidence this week. Let me know what you've decided in the comments below:)