How to Save Money Shopping

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Style for Less

Come on ladies, it doesn’t matter whether you’re shopping for current fashion trends, 50s fashion to 70s fashion, or are working on developing a style all your own, I can’t imagine someone reading this who doesn’t wonder where they can find the best items for their homes and closet without spending a fortune. I mean, who sees sales are happening and turns the other way?

None of us right? Which leads me to this post. Contrary to what some people might think, having a fashion blog doesn’t mean everything I need or want just magically shows up at my doorstep (although if anyone knows a way to make that happen, I’m all ears). Below, I’ve compiled a list of where I’ve found some of my most treasured pieces for WAY less over the past year and why I continually go back to these places for these types of items.


Money Saving Tips for your Closet, Home and Beyond

Home Decor and Small Furniture: OMG, have you shopped the bi-annual clearance sale at Hobby Lobby? Never heard of this? It’s because they don’t advertise it as such (I don’t think), but WOW! I happened into my local Hobby Lobby just to price some things out when I re-did my office early this summer. I ended up with everything I needed and spent just over $100. My haul included a nice blingy mirror (3’x4’) for my vanity, a vanity stool, desk chair, decorative pillow and a (2’x4’) canvas picture to hang over my desk. You can see a similar canvas here (sorry, not for the $7).

From my research, I think this clearance happens as mentioned, twice a year, once after Christmas and then again in late spring/early summer. I’m still kicking myself over a chair for my living room I didn’t get, but my fingers are crossed I find something similar after Christmas. Some of the above pieces I mentioned were on clearance because they were “damaged,” but nothing major. For instance, the canvas picture I grabbed was $7 because it was “damaged.” The damage was actually in the back…the paper backing was ripped. $7 guys! For damage that you can’t actually see unless you take it off the wall!

You can see (kinda) the canvas I ended up with on this Instagram post.


Actual Workout Gear: “Actual” meaning the workout gear I actually will work out in (opposed to the cute stuff I would never allow myself to sweat in which I talk about below). Workout clothing I almost always purchase at Kohl’s periodically throughout the year. Their 70% off racks are amazing (especially if you’re lucky enough to get to them after they’ve been stocked). I typically purchase lycra leggings to run in anywhere from $5-$10, tanks for $3-$5, long-sleeve tees from $4-$8 and sports bras for $7. The best part, they’re all the name brand items you typically pay at least $20 for. But lets face it….an Adidas sports bra is an Adidas sports bra whether it’s purchased in the season it came out in or not.

Athleisure: AKA, the workout gear that’s too cute to work out in. I do sometimes find this kind of stuff at Kohl’s or Marshall’s, but in the past year, I’ve almost exclusively purchased all of these pieces at Gordman’s. The prices are always fantastic and it’s SO cute! My latest finds were leggings with both mesh and velvet (yep, velvet!) panels and a Reebok mesh tee - I think I paid just under $20 for the entire ensemble. Speaking of cute atheleisure, how ca-ute are these old-school pink satin Reeboks? Love love love!!!

Rugs: I’ve had so much luck finding the cutest rugs at Marshall’s and Gordman’s. Almost all of my kitchen and accent rugs as well as each of my past 4 or 5 doormats have been from one of these two places. And yes, each of them have been at incredible prices. My lone exceptions are my faux fur rugs in my bedroom and a larger area rug for my office. I found each of those at Homegoods and while I don’t think I overpaid, I also don’t think they have as good of prices as the above mentioned stores. My current door mat is available online at TJ Maxx for $9.99! Get it here! Shoes: 75% of my shoes are from either Marshall’s or DSW. Some of my favorite shoes I snagged off of the DSW clearance rack - the purple stickers guys, which is 70% off! I'm currently swooning over these floral booties now on clearance at DSW. PERFECT for the fall and winter seasons.


Fashion Jewelry: I have such a problem paying premium prices for fashion jewelry that may or may not be in style next year. For these pieces, I head to the Target clearance section. It’s never let me down!

Groceries: Wondering how to save money at the grocery store? My solution is to do a ton of grocery shopping at Aldi. I think I may do a post in the future about my favorite Aldi picks because there are specific things I like (and some that I don’t), but regardless, usually, I start by taking a peak at the Aldi weekly ad. If I don’t already have something specific that I know I want to make that week for lunches and dinner, I like to see what’s on sale and plan around that. And on “light” weeks where I don’t need a ton of things, I still like to shop their produce for the quality and prices.


Online Deals: I have a few locations that earn my vote for the best places to shop online. Nordstrom Rack is amazing for name brands and designer labels for less. At their summer clearance sale I scored a pair of Catherine Malandrino OTK boots for like $13. You’ll be seeing those in an upcoming post;) I also like to peruse the online clearance section at H&M as well. I could look for days at the Nordstrom Rack Clearance section. I LOVE this velvet midi dress (88% off and under $15!) for spring and summer, but I would wear it right this second with a denim jacket or chambray button down tied at the waist.

And now, Back to Fall Looks :)

The widget above has some of the same and similar options as what you’ve seen in this post. I have to say….I love the pretty blush colored NASA tee option more than the one I’ve been wearing, BUT, such is life…I have the cream one:) The jeans are from Liverpool and seriously SO soft and comfy. They are linked above.

Ohhhh these sandals:) The “real” version (also above) are way out of my price range, but these were the perfect dupes, although they’ve since sold out. No worries, I found new and equally cute options just for you:)

The bib necklace has been in my jewelry box for years and I’m thinking of getting a new one, more like the one above - gold and, OMG, that sale price!!! I know my lipstick is a little darker than the norm, and as my niece so lovingly stated, “more ugly.” LOL! It’s ok, the dark trend isn’t for everyone, but there are times I am all about it and I am LOVING this option (linked in the widget above) from Maybelline. Even if you don’t do this color, I would give the Vivid Hot Lacquer a try this season! It has serious longevity and ooh, la la! That shine!

So this whole outfit is my answer to what to wear to a concert and of course, an answer to fall makeup ideas. That said, my answer to a lot of “what to wear to” questions is jeans and a tee. Your accessories can dress it up or down, make it super casual, dressy or even edgy.

And in case you’re not searching for concert outfits, you can also see how I styled this tee in my Louisville post, here. Obviously, it works multiple ways:)

Hope you all have had a great weekend!!! Fall definitely slapped us in the face this week and we literally went from hot summer temps (90 on Monday) to sweater weather and a coat on Friday (38!!!). I would like fall a whole lot more if we just had several weeks of somewhere between 65 and 75 degrees but I’m not sure that’s happening this year (insert about 100 crying faces).

Have a place where you score amazing deals? Share them away and let everyone know in the comments below!