My Instagram Account has been Hacked, Now What?

**9/3/16 Update: Still no Instagram, and yes, I'm getting anxious. I think I'm most upset as I look at my IG as an extension of my blogging business and a way for me to remain active even on the days I don't have time for an actual blog post. I've also yet to hear back from anyone at IG, although I'm less angered with them at this point. I still think they need extra support but with the number of users they have, I can understand why they get behind. I'm very hopeful that eventually, even if it's another week or two, I will regain access to my account.

Thanks for so many sweet comments, you all are the best!

Original Post:

Never in a million years did I ever think I would be writing a post like this. BUT, today, my Instagram account was hacked. What??? I'm devastated by this. The hacker was able to also change the email address associated with the account, so there is virtually no way (without help) I can regain access to it. They've changed my profile pic, taken away my blog link and replaced it with one linking to a site with full frontals, and God only knows what is yet to come. This is devastating to me. My reputation is potentially damaged, but also the work I've put in to MY account is gone in an instant.

I was so excited because this weekend I was asked to do sponsored post, I was actually going to earn some income, much needed I might add, and it looks like that won't be happening either. Here's why:

Did you know Instagram has NO support? NONE! I can submit my ticket, which I've done, but it seems like a response shouldn't be waited for. From the random posts I've found on cyberspace, it appears as if Instagram doesn't reply for days, weeks or ever. How is this possible??? They have 500,000,000 users and they have a team working on creating new features all the time, but they can't have a team working on customer service? Something seems wrong with that.

I've learned the hard way that for all of the success IG has, they sure are failing in other areas. And yet, I know I'll be back. I'll give them a day or two to get MY account back before starting a new one. I still believe IG is the place to be to help me reach my blogging goals. 

Please please please you all - protect your accounts. Create difficult passwords. Do whatever it takes so you don't have to feel the same pain I am right now, because rest assured, Instagram will not help you resolve a thing when its necessary for them to step in. 

I love your app Instagram, I hate you're not willing to help your fans and supporters.