The Best Online Resale Site for Bloggers to Sell On

You know the old saying, if you want something done right, do it yourself? That’s been my motto the past couple of weeks. Remember this post, here, talking all about the goods and bads of several of the thrifting apps available? It all started when I began doing some major closet organization and realized I had some items I knew had value and wanted to sell versus donate. The more I dove into each app however, the more annoyed I got.

Trust me, I am ALL for businesses making money. They have to! BUT, I am not for businesses taking advantage of me, and that’s how I felt. I was doing the work, but they were making a huge profit. I’m kinda keen on doing work AND making money…ya feel me? Soooo, I started thinking…why not sell my items on my own site? And if I was going to do that, I may as well open it up to others.

Bloggers: The New Best Place to Sell Clothes, Accessories, Small Home Goods and Beauty Products

But, I kept thinking. How could I make it profitable for others? What would be different about this option that would make people want to visit and purchase, or sell, products? The answer: ThriftFluencer! A “sister-site” to my blog featuring a shop where BLOGGERS and INFLUENCERS can sell their new or gently used products.

While the premise is the same as other thrifting options, I definitely have some unique features as well. Bloggers and influencers will fill out an application, submitting basic details and will find out if they are accepted as sellers within 24 hours. I’m not naive to the fact that things are not perfect yet, but I’m hoping the pros outweigh the cons and I’ve outlined the essentials below:


  • Unfortunately, I do not have the capacity to allow sellers to upload their products directly to the site. Instead, a link for the seller and myself will be shared and information will be sent directly to each other that way.


  • A higher payout for the seller. ThriftFluencer keeps 13% of an item’s total sale. This helps pay for Credit Card fees, site maintenance and yes, hopefully a little profit is leftover for me.

  • Quality photos and merchandise. One of the reasons I want like-minded ladies selling on this site - I know we produce high-quality images and we take care of our things.

  • The Golden Rule Mentality: for every item you list, you must share one from somebody else. Whether’s it’s Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook or a newsletter, I know we are stronger when we are working WITH each other.

  • An option for a “personal page.” This is a paid-for feature (Intro rate of $40, $50 after) that has it’s own benefits:

    • A separate page with JUST that particular seller’s items.

    • A short introduction and up to two backlinks (cheers to helping your SEO!) - one to your homepage, another to a recent post.

    • A seller’s kit sent to you with tissue for wrapping and thank you cards for your customers.

    • A seller’s newsletter with both selling and blogging tips.

    • Opportunity to gain new readers, followers and of course, customers!

I definitely tried to give sellers exactly (or almost exactly) what they wanted hoping to give them some extra cash as well!

Sooooo even though this has been a newer idea (literally since the new year), it has me excited and a little scared all at the same time. I like to play the what-if game in my head, mmmm, like several times a day, haha:)

If you want more info, feel free to leave me a comment, or you can visit any of the pages I’ve linked to below. Cheers to a new week, y’all!

ThriftFluencer Home Page
ThriftFluencer Seller Application
ThriftFluencer FAQ’s