Mix and Match Clothing - 1 Top 3 Ways

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Basic Wardrobe Pieces to Mix and Match


So here’s something…have you all perused the clothing aisles at Walmart recently? What the fluff has happened the past few seasons there? You guys, I am telling you, they have some CA-UTE things! There’s never been any shame in my game - I’ve occasionally found a piece or two from Walmart that I’ve added to my closet, but recently, I’ve seen so many options that have caught my eye, that I can’t even count the times I’ve detoured from my groceries to get a closer look. For example, if you follow me on Instagram, you may remember this post with my new favorite fall sweater.

I found the sweater after wrong-way Wanda (you have to read the IG post to understand), made me detour into the clothing - it was that, or hit her. Honestly…a small portion of me really did want to hit her, BUT, instead I gave her a dirty look that she didn’t even see, and veered right. I’m, like, super mature.

Can't wait to shop this post? Find the Walmart happy sweater I referred to above, here (almost gone!!), my leopard print henley here (under $10, BTW), and my combat boots here.

So something I’ve been thinking about A LOT lately, is the fact that I really only show you all one way to wear whatever it is I might be showing you. The thing is, and if you’re like me you get this - I don’t just make purchases based on the “one way” you can wear an item. I L-O-V-E LOVE separates I can mix-and-match multiple ways. It makes packing for trips easier, creating “new” outfits a breeze. Even my dresses - I think about the jackets I can wear over, the tops I can layer under and how many different pair of shoes “will look right,” with it. Anyways, this Henley is a perfect example and you guys, it comes in 10 color options/patterns and is only $8.88. It’s such a good layering option, I might have to go back to get one (or all 9) more.

Outfit Idea #1: What to Wear with a Jean Skirt

I made leopard print a little edgier by pairing it with this denim skirt from Target and combat boots from Walmart. When it gets really cool though, the top will work just as good with jeans or even cute denim overalls (anyone else in love with overalls this season?).

And I always wear this choker set when I’m feeling a lil’ rocker chic like. This was another bargain deal I found on clearance at H&M. Add a fun bag with gold details and boom, you’ve got yourself the perfect look for a Friday night or a fall concert. If edgy isn’t your style thing, just opt for jeans and flats or boots. Super casual chic.


Outfit Idea #2: Casual Outfit with Boots and a Cardigan

The reason I’m in love with this look is because it’s just so fall-like. I might be a summer girl, but it’s hard not to be a fan of fall fashion, right?!? I meeeean let’s be serious…a chunky heeled bootie and long cardigan are what ideas for fall outfits are made out of. I feel like this combo is the star of every post for Pinterest fall outfits.

I wanted the leopard print top to pop so I chose a more neutral color palette. And honestly, I’m not sure why, but I hardly ever wear this oatmeal cardigan, however, I thought it was such a perfect compliment to the leopard shirt.


Outfit Idea #3: What to Wear Joggers With…

…how ‘bout a leopard print Henley and gold platform sneakers? When I put this together, I was just like, “ahhhh, so me.” Do you have looks that make you feel more like yourself than others? I’m a little surprised it was this one because, welllll, I’m in flats (platforms, but still), and y’all know I really do love my heels:)

There is something however about sporty pieces - when you’re able to dress them up a little, that juxtaposition between the two styles is so fun and a kinda like throwing little bits of surprise confetti all around the world. Does confetti come in leopard print? It totally should.

And on a side note, what do we all think about a backpack bag? My opinion is that they’re adorable and I’ve actually been eyeing a cute brown leather one I’m thinking I’ll make mine by the end of the year.


Get the Look:

And now, time for some tales from the blogger….

I’ve been trying to get this look phototographed for about 3 weeks, and literally, every time I can get pictures, it rains. I’m not talking a sprinkle either…more like a full-on monsoon. And because I do my own photography, as you can imagine, I like to not photograph at normal hours, in front of people, because, it’s weird. I get it.

Sunday morning I didn’t realize it was supposed to rain, but woke up to my 4:30 a.m. alarm to the sound of thunder and sight of lighting. My first thought was, “maybe it’s a quick storm…by the time I’m ready, it will be gone.” Wrong. It rained all morning. So onto Monday when Lil’ Pete fell asleep on my phone (which doubles as my alarm) and I missed the 4:30 one. I also missed the 5:00 a.m. backup one. I did wake up on my own at about 6:00 and by the time I got some coffee and showered and blah blah blah, it was a little later, so, even though these were in my backyard which butts up against an allie, people were still out. Walking dogs, (they did a lap and wondered why I changed my clothes on their way back). Walking themselves (that person commented about the fact that, “the background is SO ugly.” As much as I hated it, I’m so glad this happened…it just reassured me that the 4:30 a.m. Sunday alarms are well worth it just to avoid people….and oddly enough, I typically describe myself as a “people person.”

Soooo, do you have a favorite of the three looks I’m showing, or, have you seen some pieces from Walmart you’ve got your eye on? Let me know in the comments below. Hope your October is off to a great start!

P.S. I also wore this top in my White Claw easy cocktail recipe post here!