How I Stay Hydrated with LIFEWTR and 7-Eleven

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Can you believe we are already stepping our ways through spring (in our cutest sandals and most twirl-worthy dresses, of course)? Doesn't it seem like it was literally JUST yesterday we were all at New Year's parties, drinking champagne, making resolutions for all sorts of things and vegging out to football or parades the next day?

Time flies, right y'all? Unlike many people, I didn't have a resolution to lose weight (although I am working to lose some winter baggage). My resolution was to do a better job of self-care. . To limit things like sugar and sweets. To find time to exercise. To sleep more. And yes, to drink more water.

Seriously! How easy should it be to make sure we're getting our daily requirements of water? And yet, it's so hard! Over the course of the year, however, I've developed a few habits that make it a breeze and have me feelin' so right for spring all thanks to LIFEWTR at 7-Eleven
Lifewater Bottles

7-Eleven just happens to be en route to my side hustle, and I've gotten in the habit of stopping by a couple of times each week to stock myself with LIFEWTR. Why? I'll get into the specifics below, but number one is because I feel SO much better when I'm properly hydrated. No joke you guys. I have more energy, I think more clearly, and I sleep better. The vain part of me likes the fact that my skin looks amazing as well. I can tell instantly where I’m at with water-intake just by looking in the mirror. Dull skin and wrinkles that are noticeable or that pop up out of nowhere are giveaways that I need to reach for more LIFEWTR. It definitely is the ultimate accessory in my life.

How to drink more water

In addition, did you know LIFEWTR is made only from purified water and is pH balanced, with electrolytes for taste? True story, friends.

LIFEWTR is SO easy to incorporate into my life. Like I said, it's the perfect accessory. Also, it easily fits into my lil' car-drink holders (do those have an official name?), my bags, and of course just looks crazy-chic when I'm carrying it. Every bottle has such fun designs. Half the enjoyment of drinking LIFEWTR is picking out the bottle design! An easy way to feed my creativity is to simply get inspired by whatever is around me, including my LIFEWTR. For realz, loves. Just take a stroll through and tell me you don't feel more motivated!
Health Benefits of Water

Probably 90% of you reading this could benefit from being better hydrated, right? Join me in making a commitment to take a baby-step in that direction. Let LIFEWTR help and go to your local 7-Eleven to stock yourself up for the week.

See how I fit LIFEWTR into my life (picture below) and use the hashtag #MoreInspired in all of your LIFEWTR social media shares, so we can see how you work it into action as well!

Lifewtr bottles