My Perfect Go-To Fall Weekend Look

Happy Tuesday friends! Regardless of who you're voting for today, is anyone else SO excited the election is about to be O-V-E-R??? Ugh...I cannot handle it anymore! 

While I was out and about avoiding election ads this weekend, I threw together this fun lil' look - super casual and cozy, but far from sloppy, which sometimes casual can turn into. For me, it was a little bit of a juxtaposition of two styles, as I usually wear the cardigan with dressier pieces, but hey, life's way more fun when it's a little mixed up from time to time.

Below, I'm linking to my favorite long cardi's and retro-like sneaks. P.S. I swooned a little over each of them!

Best Women's Sneakers
Gray Cardigan Sweater
Long Cardigan Sweater
Outfits for Fall
Sneakers for Women
Long Sweaters

Happy Election Day all - God Bless the USA!

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