Casual Memorial Day Options

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As I'm writing this fun little post about cute Memorial Day options, I'm sitting on my couch, under a blanket, and watching the wind blast through the trees and things. I think the high was supposed to get to 65 today, but it feels a lot colder. What gives Mother Nature? So while I'm showing you WARM weather Memorial Day options, if things don't shape up soon, wellll, just go to Target for a red long-sleeve tee to pair with your favorite jeans. Done.

I'm an optimistic kind of girl though so, for the fun of it, lets say it's going to warm up (again). I've found the ca-utest options for your Memorial Day and upcoming 4th of July celebrations. As for my tank, it's long-gone (sorry loves). I found it on clearance at Target after the Olympics last summer for $3. I swear, my favorite Target section is the clearance section. THREE DOLLARS EVERYONE! I probably literally could have paid with pocket change, but I'm guessing I walked out of the door with more than that tank. Still though....THREE DOLLARS!

Aside from the options I'm showing below, I've also got my name on the "let-me-know-when-this-becomes-available-list" for this cutie-petutie from Mindy Mae's Market. So dang perfect.

4th of July Outfits
Patriotic Clothing
American Flag Tank Tops
4th of July T Shirts
Women's Muscle Tanks
Memorial Day Outfits
Patriotic Tank Tops

Hope you dolls have had an amazing weekend, and while I know how excited we all are for an extra day off next week, never forget the reason we're celebrating - to remember those who have died while serving our great country. Their bravery was unmatched and we're all forever grateful:)