The Jacket Everyone Needs for Fall!

OMGoodnes you guys. I just LOVE summer! During one of our 300 degree days (with about 4,000% humidity) last week I heard someone complaining about the heat and I was just like, "are you crazy?" I think a little extra sweat in exchange for a couple of hours outside everyday is absolutely a fair trade. I'm actually composing this lil' post outside right now and I couldn't be makes up for the hot/sweaty/OMG-I-Can't-Breath run I  had earlier.

As we creep ever so much closer to the fall season though, I wanted to highlight one of my favorite things about those transitional periods: the juxtaposition of mixing warm weather and cold weather pieces. I usually opt for sweaters or long-sleeve tees with shorts, or bring a cute jacket to throw on over a summer outfit on cooler nights. Exactly the purpose of my outfit below. Although we're back to super warm temps now, there have been a few mornings that were borderline cool (at least they felt cool in July) and this jacket from Lookbook Store has been a just-right chic option to keep me comfortable. And who doesn't need a Studded Shoulder Denim Blazer in their wardrobe? Everyone. We all need one - whether you know it or not! The zippers and studs make this a little edgy, but the silhouette stays traditional and is super easy to wear with just about anything.

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Can we also talk shoes for just a sec? These Candies wedges I got from Kohl's in 2003 - I know because the receipt is still in the box. Yes, I keep my shoes in their original boxes so they stay nice and yes, EVERYONE makes fun of me for it. But hellll-oooo, I'm also the girl with the cute shoes you can't get anymore because they're literally 13 years old:) 

This absolutely adorable Studded Shoulder Denim Blazer (Green) is c/o Lookbook Store and can be shopped via the provided link. For similar options as what I'm wearing above, including boho inspired wedge sandals, please see below.

ICYMI, check out this post and that post featuring two other stylish pieces from Lookbook Store.

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