The Cutest Jumpsuit (on Sale Now) for Summer + My 5 Favorite Things About Spring!

Happy Monday friends! I hope wherever you are reading this from, you had just as an amazing weekend as we did here in the Midwest. It was gorgeous! Windows open, sun out, shorts on. Perfect. I even went for a nice run and as an added bonus, didn't have a heart attack while doing so (it's been awhile). 

There are SO many things to love about spring - seriously. I love this season so much, I don't even mind that the bugs are starting to come out. I'm not even mad when it rains (accept today, because my time to run coincided with the time it wanted to storm, but you know, usually). And yard work (right now), doesn't even seem like work,'s spring!

The above might be things that eventually, you may or may not hear me complain about. BUT, below, I'm sharing my 5 favorite things about spring. I thought about doing them all David Letterman style, but, I think they've all tied for first because they really are that fabulous;)

1. Long days. I hate Daylight Savings Time and wish we would do away with it, BUT, only if we get to keep spring/summer hours.
2. The great outdoors. I love getting back into my runs but really, I just love opening my door and not having to gasp at the cold air. I guess this kind of could be "warmer temps" too, BUT, in my head they go hand-in-hand, so basically...same.
3. Blooms. Not just the flowers (I do love flowers), but I love seeing the buds on trees and sprouts of all sorts of things breaking through the earth.
4. Socializing. I don't why, but spring brings out the social butterfly in me. Seriously, anyone up for a movie tonight?
5. Fashion. OMG, spring is the best for fashion. Every fall I'm excited for sweaters and boots, but usually by December, I'm over them, and ready for tanks and sandals.

Point number five brings me to this ADORABLE jumpsuit from Tobi I'm showcasing here today!!! It was a little bit of a risk for me with the cutouts, because, well, I'm NICA (not in college anymore...a term I sometimes use...only in my head mind scold others because, well, they're NICA). 

Jumpsuits for Summer
Navy Blue Jumpsuit


The adorableness of the jumpsuit far outweighed the risk however, and I am SO happy to have it hanging in my closet. The best part, this little piece of spring/summer adorableness is on sale NOW for just $30 at Tobi. It also comes in a fun little Camel color that would be GORGEOUS with all of your new pink accessories, because, let's face it....we're all into pink this season:)

Women's Jumpsuit
Rompers and Jumpsuits

So, aside from the cutouts, I'll give you one guess of what my second favorite feature is. Anyone? Bueller? IT HAS POCKETS!!!! You guys, I have the kind of relationship Buddy the Elf has with Santa when it comes to pockets. Not even a little ashamed about it:)

What to Wear on a Date
Summer Jumpsuit
Long Jumpsuits

I would LOVE to share a link to this cute red clutch too was one of those Marshall's steals I couldn't pass up a couple of years go. Instead I did find some super cute alternatives I know you'll love flaunting all around town this season:)


What is your favorite part of the spring season? Or what outfit are you most excited to wear in spring? Let me know if the comments below!

**Thank you to Tobi for providing the jumpsuit for review purposes. Thank you for supporting the brands the support me!