Warm Coats for Cold Winters

Wow!!! Can you believe Christmas is just a few days away? Are you ready? I need to wrap (and wrap, and wrap a lil' more), but aside from that, I'm good to go!

Sooo, when you all go Christmas shopping, do you do a little bit for yourself too? Confession. Sometimes, I definitely do. Case in point, last week when I was picking some things up from Kohl's. I didn't mean to, but I found myself in the clearance section holding this super cute Halitech Puffer Coat. It wasn't really on clearance, but, it was on sale, and I obviously ended up with it. Merry Christmas to me! It's seriously sooo warm you guys!! Much needed over the past week! 

Women's Puffer Coat
Winter Coats for Women
Women's Parka
Coats for Women
Warm Winter Coats

Check out these outerwear options, all $150 or less!

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