Fall is for Jumpsuits!

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AHHH!!! You guys!!! Long time, no blogging. When life gets crazy (life is crazy), I've always been consistent with my posts. Until recently. And I hate letting life get in the way of one of the few things that grounds me but it has. I've spent this weekend doing some re-focusing on things, mostly my schedule, so I can get myself back on track. Of course, some things won't change - I still have work, and practice, etc. BUT, for the first time in a long time, I feel normal. 

So, I'm starting my new normal with a fresh lil' post featuring this Cami Jumper from Old Navy. It's been a perfect end-of-summer addition to my closet during this transitional period - adding a denim jacket or cardi make it wearable on cooler evenings. I do think it runs a bit big, just an FYI if you order. 

The floppy hat is also an Old Navy find and this has actually been one of my favorite pieces for fall. I mean, I'm pretty sure until recently, I was the only woman in the Midwest who didn't own a fall floppy hat. But, no worries everyone. Checked off my list:)

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Old Navy Jumper
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Looking forward to be being back friends, and be sure to catch me on Instagram where I'm able to share a little more frequently, including some exclusive content:)